I Saw You Again Today

Down, down, steadily down I go,

my legs carrying me closer to your

.    specter.

This way and that way, upways and

backways my eyes flutter

.        Stop.

.            Bump…

.                   Bump bump…

Those bumps in my chest become

lumps in my neck because

.      I saw you again today.

Like my wish to a genie you appeared in

the most inopportune way,

.      But I got to see you.

Over and over my mantra cycled through

my brain cavities, dashing, thrashing,

ripping, stripping

.               consuming.

Like a wildfire, every dendrite branch is

ablaze, but…

.      I didn’t ask for

.                                  this.

Up and up your hair like the face of a

mountain I never got to climb

.                                 I felt them twitch.

Your eyes find me,

.                                  (do they?)

but up and up you climb to your

horse so high.

.                                 I’m not good enough for you.

The skin over yours, the one I’d hoped

you’d peel for                   me,

stays in place and covers your shoulders.

.                                        I wanted to

.                                         hold them.

Your eyes find me, but you don’t see me.

.                                       I see you.

.                         I miss you.

.                                I didn’t ask for this.

Let me go.

.                                                I was free.

.                                   Why are you here?


.              did

.                       you

.                                 go?

Around and about and in and out you’re still so

loud the crowd can’t shroud your

silent shouts or my howling doubts!

.                            Go away.

.      Pull                     me     closer  to you.

You may never know, but

.                I saw you today. Again.

.      And again, you’ve stolen me away.



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