Good Luck Trump

I would be lying if I said anything other than this: I am hurt, I am upset, and I am scared. The unthinkable became reality last night and my gut reaction is to be furious with the American people for electing such a deplorable person to the most prestigious office in the world. It baffles me how this happened, but at the same time I don’t know why I’m so baffled. I saw this coming, just in the back of my mind in a place I never considered possible. Despite all my hesitations and fears and anxieties about the results of this election, I just want to make some addresses of my own.

I’ve watched Trump’s acceptance speech and Clinton’s concession speech and in those regards, they each earned my respect. Trump was surprisingly gracious and humble in his acceptance and I just want to commend him for that. He continued to defy expectations and won graciously (for now). Similarly, Clinton was very dignified in the way she approached the podium this morning. Agreeing to the result and refusing to let her work stop at this election, she ensured her vision wouldn’t go unanswered while offering her support for the new president. I’m pleased with how those singular events played out no matter my dismay for the results of the election.

Next I want to quickly address my friends who voted for Trump. I am deeply dismayed by this decision and I’m trying very hard not to verbally abuse you for what I see as the worst possible decision to be made. But I have to accept the outcome, and I have. Despite what I perceive as a serious lack of judgment, I am still your friend and I will move past my grievances. I know that most of you probably cast your ballot reluctantly and unenthusiastically while knowing the outcome of this election wouldn’t be what you wanted either way. I understand that, and I have to say that even though I can’t fathom the decision to vote for Trump, I’m deeply grateful that you didn’t let your anxieties keep you from voting. We’re so blessed to be able to vote and I’m even more perplexed by people’s inaction when staring the future of the nation and world in the face. So thank you for performing your American duty of voting and doing your part to make democracy work. I still love you and support you because I believe that no matter how monumental a disaster or success Trump is, it doesn’t change how I feel about you. Okay, that sounds a little like a sappy romance line, but you’re still the same person you always were and that’s a person I called friend, so I’ll continue to call you friend. And I’ll do it proudly.

Next to the friends who voted for Clinton: STOP THE BITCHING! Okay, so we lost. Lose with some dignity. I know that Trump’s election is perceived as the worst possible outcome, especially with a Republican House, Senate, and a seat on the Supreme Court open. I’ll admit, it scares me to death too. But remember how Republicans were mortified that Obama would bring ruin to the nation? He didn’t, so let’s not assume the same of Trump. Many of you were posting about taking pride in the ability to vote and making your voice heard. Well, America made its voice heard and all the complaining about the “cheeto man” or “oompa-loompa” becoming president does nothing. Literally nothing. All it does is make you look like a spoiled child who only supports freedom and democracy if it works for you. That’s not how it works, and it’s time to get over it. I can understand some gut reactions because I am feeling the same, but the sooner we stop with the griping over this heinous man becoming our leader, the sooner we can start moving forward again. As powerful as a president is, we still have power to exact change on the ground floor. We can still further our causes without having governmental control, so do something about it. The election is only one manifestation of our rights and our freedoms, so don’t let its less than optimal result detract you from pursuing your goals. It may just be beating a dead horse at this point, but we can’t keep being divided. The gridlock is immature and undemocratic, so it’s about time we suck up our pride and move on.

For you Trump voters, I want to quickly say that I have a hard time supporting you, but I will do my best. As despicable as I think he is, there are appealing aspects to him. The fact that so many people from rural areas came out in support of him tells me a lot.  It tells me that you all are sick of the government manipulation and want a president who will not conform to ridiculous standards. He will not be a traditional president, and that’s exactly what you wanted. I know that Trump gets a lot of support from equally deplorable people, but I won’t be ignorant enough to say that all of you are the same. You are passionate about your lives and feeling respected by the big guys, something you didn’t feel with Clinton. She’s as far removed from the little guy as anyone can be. Just like minorities, you want YOUR voice heard, and that I can respect. All I can caution you about is this: you elected this man and you will feel the consequences of that. I don’t know what they’ll be yet. I’m hoping my expectations are wrong, but history will remember you all as the people who elected Donald Trump, and I hope for your sake and mine that this wasn’t the biggest mistake in recent American history.

Now, for the rest of the world. Back off! I’ve seen countless people saying that this election affects the rest of the world as much as America. Partially true, but quit lumping all Americans together. I see many of you from outside the United States saying, “What have you done, America?” and “Congratulations America, you elected the American Hitler” and other variations of these. I want to say that I am American, and I did not vote for Trump. Stop bashing America for being democratic and electing someone you don’t like. I don’t like him either, but it’s really distressing to think that the rest of the world is suddenly against me because people in my country elected a man they believe in. I’m not trying to validate Trump’s disgusting rhetoric, but I am validating many of the concerns his voters have. As I’ve heard it said, they aren’t voting for Trump as much as they are voting for the ideology of going against large government and the political machine. It causes me pain to hear the world telling America that we’re expected to do the right thing and elect Clinton, and then have it turn around and say we failed. I did my part to elect Clinton and I was outvoted. It isn’t my fault. Stop pretending all of America is responsible for electing this man when he was elected by approximately 59.4 million people to Clinton’s 59.6 million. Less than 1/5 of the population decided the fate of this country, so think before you speak about the mistakes that “America” made, especially when you have your own elections and crap to worry about. To sum up, back the hell off.

That’s it. I’m deeply saddened by this result, but I will hold onto hope. Trump may not be my president or the man I want leading my country, but he is and I will get behind him where I can. I will get over my own pride and realize this will not end the world and we will be okay, no matter how hard the coming hit is. As frustrating as democracy may be, I consider myself fortunate to participate in it. So I will lift my head and see where President Trump takes America. I can only hope it is in a good direction, so I wish him the best of luck.


One thought on “Good Luck Trump

  1. Great post!

    I’ve read many blogs today where sore losers voice sour grapes. The only thing worse than them, imo, were the sore winners gloating over the outcome.

    Loved your mature response!

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