The Future of My Blog

It shouldn’t be surprising if I say I haven’t been publishing as regularly as I would like to. There are reasons for it and I plan to explain a little bit more in depth in a moment. I’d like to just start out by saying that I will continue to publish my blog, but it’s going to be far less active than before. I’ve already been struggling to keep up with 1 every week on average, and now I just can’t keep that pace, and here’s why.

I’m now writing for The Odyssey, an online content publisher that works like a blog/newspaper. In order to write for them, I need to create an article a week, which is why I haven’t been able to publish as much here. Most of my ideas, which are already hard to come by, go towards fueling my Odyssey page and growing that community. I will paste a link below so that if you’re interested you can go and follow my Odyssey page for similar content to what I’m writing on here. The only difference is that on my Odyssey page, it’s more editorial. I know I post a lot of opinion stuff on here, but there I’m more obliged to take singular stances and call for specific actions to take place. Anyway, feel free to check that out and give me a follow or two, send some views my way, and check in for weekly articles.

I do plan on continuing the blog, as I’ve mentioned. I will primarily be using The Odyssey to convey more opinion based and editorial kinds of articles while I’ll be using this blog for more personal matters. I’m not going to use this blog as much for pursuing change or persuasive articles, but more so just to update people on what I’m doing and how life has been. That sounds a little boring, but with tons of events and experiences popping up for me, I’m expecting a lot of cool things to post on here in the near-ish future. So keep an eye out.

That’s all! Nice and short, so go check out my Odyssey page and stay tuned for some more blogs in the near future.


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