Pure Poetry Pt. 2

So I wrote more poetry, again for a creative writing class. A Petrarchan sonnet and two ballads. Don’t ask me why two ballads, that form just flows best for me. Either way, here they are. Feel free to talk to me about them!


Shame stalks me like a wolf hunting its prey,

A plague not of the flesh but of the mind.

Searching for relief, but none can I find,

Can’t escape this torment, can’t get away.

Two paths I can take… from which do I stray?

I dance between them; I can’t be confined.

It’s either or, I have to turn a blind

Eye to whatever waits the other way.


Beauty is in each. I cannot pretend

I don’t desire at once to travel both.

Joy, peace, and contentment are what I seek.

Without them wholly, guilt my mind does rend

And to give a future up I would loathe.

If I succeed, my fate will not be bleak.



Are You There?


Lean on You is what they all say,

But I don’t feel You there.

A neon sign that’s flashing fast

Will have to show me where.


I feel that I’ve forgotten You

And who You were to me.

I hear Your name, it’s not the same

Without You here to see.


I want so bad to hear from You,

But You don’t even try

To save me from this turbulence

That makes me want to cry.


My eyes have nothing left to spill

Yet endless reasons to.

My tank is low, I’m spinning out,

But I will make it through.


A part of me I keep inside

Is clawing its way out.

But turn to You I cannot do

You just fill me with doubt.


What can I do to mend my soul

With broken hands alone?

I look at You, just sitting there

Upon your golden throne.


I’m lying when I worship You

But hate You I do not.

I’m calling out with all of me,

I hope it’s not for naught.


I wish this shit was easier,

But then ‘twould not be real.

I’m sorry if I’ve angered them,

But that’s just how I feel.



What You Fail to See


A twinkle in your eye

That glistens in the sun

Is only one of many reasons

That shows me you’re the one.

That crinkle in your nose

For every time you snort,

The way you look me in the eye

When I dare call you short.

Your strands of hair that won’t stay down

No matter how you try

To plaster them upon your scalp

And leave you asking, “Why?!”

You always cringe when I say “moist;”

It’s not that big a deal!

But when you punch me in the arm

I say that I don’t feel.

Your perfect lips that grimace when

You see a man done wrong

Remind me daily of why I love you:

Your gorgeous soul is strong.

You do not need me, that’s a fact

But I can’t say the same.

I’ve lost all will to be alone

And you’re the one to blame.

There’s so much more that I could say;

I’d love to write a book

Of everything I see in you

That you’d see if you’d look.


Sound off!

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