Good Friday

For those not acquainted with Christian tradition, today is Good Friday! But it’s also a good Friday. I have been really behind on posts so I’m just looking for anything at this point and this seems like a good opportunity for an update and a little bit of “Jesus Talk.”

Let’s take a moment to consider what Good Friday is. It’s the day we celebrate, or more accurately observe, Jesus’ death and burial. It falls two days before Easter and clearly doesn’t have any established traditions. None that I’m aware of anyway. Like I said, it’s more of an observance and an acknowledgment that Jesus was crucified, which is the reason we have Easter.

And why is that important? Well beyond simply giving us another opportunity to gorge ourselves on sweets and go to church for the first time this year, it’s an important moment in history. Whether you’re Christian or not, Jesus was a person who existed just like the prophet Muhammad or the Buddha or any other religious leaders. Jesus is one of the most pivotal figures in history, especially Western history. Our calendar is based on his birth (even though now the P.C. way of saying the year doesn’t acknowledge that), and he started what is now the largest religion in the world. His death was monumental for that day in age, but then again the world wasn’t as globalized as it is now. Who’s a huge celebrity completely revolutionizing today’s society? Well there’s more than one, but let’s just say Miley Cyrus. Yes, I’m serious. Whether you like her or not, she’s doing a lot of what Jesus did in the sense that she’s challenging social convention. Some people love her, some people despise her which is another similarity. They are both very provocative and intentionally challenge “authority.” That’s about where similarities end, but lets just imagine for a second that the Supreme Court sentenced Miley Cyrus to death and posted a video of her execution on YouTube. How much attention would that get? Now that would never happen in today’s society, but it should show you how crazy Jesus’ death was in the time.

But it also set Jesus up to rise again. I acknowledge not everyone agrees with this, but I believe it. Jesus died and he was raised from the dead. He’s the one person who is above death and because of what he did, he made it possible for us to become above death as well, but only if we let him do it for us. That’s the story of salvation, but there’s a lot more involved in it and a great deal more to being Christian. Because of Good Friday in combination with Easter, we don’t have to succumb to death after our passing. What a glorious opportunity we’ve been offered. To be honest, I don’t always buy the whole story. I believe that if I keep telling it to myself, it’s one step to believing it. I struggle with doubts all the time, and the only way to get past that is to acknowledge it and keep my head where it should be, which for me means talking about it and saying it and writing it.

Why else is it a good Friday? Well because I’ve been doing a lot better this week. I’m no longer sick which is a huge plus. I’m going to bed at MUCH more sensible times than my typical 2-4 a.m.  The weather is FINALLY starting to get warm but with some nice rainy days as well. I got out of class an hour early today. As of today, there are only about five weeks left of school and five days until my Carrie Underwood concert. Words cannot describe how stoked I am to see the music goddess perform. I’m finally starting to figure stuff out that I need to figure out and I’m overall more happy. I talk to people more and I’m less bored and things are looking up. I have a good weekend lined up with friends as well. Things are looking up for me, and for those reasons I am having a good Friday.


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