2nd Anniversary

So WordPress just informed me that today is the day I first published a post on this blog. Two years ago, I published “‘Merica Monday: FCHS Spirit Day” in response to an incident at my high school that got the news involved and a bunch of petitioners. A year ago I published “52” to celebrate my one year anniversary, and here I am 730 days later still trekking. I’ve been wondering what I wanted to post about for a week or so now because I’m falling behind already. I guess this is a good way to get the juices flowing again. So I guess for this post, I’ll just trace a little of what’s happened in the past year of my life. In my opinion, it’s important to assess where you’ve come from in an effort to direct your life for the future.

I think the first big thing that happened within a year ago from today was my graduation and everything relating to that. It’s hard to believe that a year ago I was still in high school. I was working on the spring musical: Shrek. I was procrastinating on my senior thesis hard core. I was working on the school newspaper, I’d signed up to give a graduation speech that didn’t get selected. I was bugging my mom to get her stuff done so I could fill out the FAFSA so I could go to college. It’s about time to start doing that again. An entire chapter of my life was coming to a close. Just looking back on some of the posts in the February-May area of 2015 I’m reminded about how much I had going on and my goals at that time of my life and most important how I was feeling then. Graduation parties galore, the graduation ceremony, it all seems so far away and at the same time like it was yesterday. Now I’m thinking about all the juniors last year who are now three months away from graduation and being in my shoes more or less. Things change so quickly even though it feels like a snail’s pace at times.

Fast forward into the magic that was summer 2015. I don’t think I’ve ever had a better summer and maybe it was just because of how significant it was. I had just graduated, time was running out with my friends, and I was moving to college soon. The mission trip to Mexico especially was a highlight. It wasn’t the same as my first trip, but I definitely made better friends the second time. I still kinda sorta keep in contact with some of the Montrose peeps, and I strengthened friendships with my best friends at the time. I really just can’t capture the summer. Almost all of it was spent with my closest friends making memories. Pool parties, the carnival, drive in movie theater, preparing for college, I was saying my goodbyes. I think what I really remember most is August as I got ready to leave. It’s strange to think that in the past six months I’ve only seen my friends from Colorado like two or three times. I remember pretty vividly the day I said goodbye to them all. I went to church and I delivered letters to everyone. I prefer to block that from my mind because while I believe in honesty, I handle it pretty similar to Shia LaBeouf. “Just do it!” but forget about right after. Saying goodbye is my least favorite thing to do in the world because if you know me, I consistently mention how important personal relationships are to me and how frequently I express regret about saying goodbye. Of course it’s necessary and without saying goodbye, I wouldn’t be able to say I’ve met all the great people here and experienced everything I have. It’s a necessary evil, but that doesn’t make it easier. I still miss my friends and my family every day. Quick side note, my dad got to meet Michael Cudlitz, or Abraham Ford from The Walking Dead, the other day on a plane to Las Vegas! I was so jealous. How often do you get to meet a television star on pretty much the most popular television show currently airing? I’m very excited for him.

Anyway, saying goodbye sucks, but that brings me to starting college. My first semester was really bizarre for a lot of different reasons. I met a lot of new people, I took an eclectic assortment of classes, and my mood was like a sound wave: alternating between up and down. There were a lot of really great moments and awesome memories made and other moments where all I wanted was to be back home with people I knew. I had great classes and less great classes (I’m looking at you Chemistry 89.4%). I branched out and did things I’ve never done before, including but not limited to: going to a football game, going to a hockey game, trying Greek food, visiting Park City, and living on my own. I’m sure there’s more, but let’s just jump to the recent stuff.

As of January, I’m a sophomore in college. I’ve only completed a semester, but because of the AP credits I got in high school I’m technically a sophomore. I have all new classes and it’s a bunch more brand new experiences that come along with that. I got to go home for Christmas break in December and see all my friends and family again which was a much better and more needed refreshment. It got kind of boring though having that impending journey back to Utah. It felt permanent but I knew it wasn’t and it was hard to say goodbye once again.

It’s now the 7th as I finish this up and I don’t really want to write anymore. I have to do some homework as well. I guess all I can say is that it’s nice to look back at what I’ve done in the past year. All these posts, all my experiences, a lot has happened and it’s good to reflect on. Lots of people do this on New Years, but for me this is a more important anniversary because I can track what has happened through my posts. So my challenge to you all is to choose an anniversary that you can easily keep track of. When that day comes, just reflect on where you’ve come from. Look through photos, read old letters or writing of some kind, talk to old friends. Reclaim your past so you future will be brighter. That’s all for me.


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