Greater Things Are Still To Be Done

Funny story, I’ve actually started two posts already, plus this one right now, and I have another thing I want to write about soon. I realize that I’ve only posted one post this months so far and it’s already more than halfway through November. A lot has been going on as far as personal life, school, and other stuff so I just haven’t had time to consider writing anything. And I haven’t had the highest motivation to write more . Either way, this post is inspired by a song I heard at Intervarsity last night that I’m sure some people know. It’s called “God of This City” and it kind of made me think a little bit. The chorus goes something like, “Greater things have yet to come/Greater things are still to be done in this city.” I began to think about many things relating to those lyrics, so I’ll just be sharing some of those thoughts.

First and foremost I began thinking about Buffy. I promise this leads into deeper thought, but it first reminded me of Buffy. I’ve already watched it the whole way through twice since I discovered it a year ago. Now I’m getting a couple friends here to watch it and I’m “guiding” them through it, so this is my third/fourth time through. Really what strikes me is just how different everything is from beginning to end. I always forget about certain things happening or certain characters or jokes or anything like that. I even forget Cordelia was on Buffy sometimes. But when I think about Buffy and those lyrics, I just get this sense of not getting caught up in the past. A lot of stuff happens in Buffy that the characters just have to deal with and move on, and the viewer does too. In case one of my “students” reads this, I won’t provide any examples, but characters leave, characters grow up, places come and go, and it becomes hard to avoid this feeling of “the original is better.” When you fall in love with something, we always expect it to stay the same and keep being what we loved. I hear a lot of people comment about different shows saying “It started out great but it went downhill after the (x) season.” Personally, I don’t have a problem with liking the earlier seasons more of a show, but to expect a show to stay the same is ignorant. If the show is doing what it’s supposed to do, the story and characters are supposed to develop, evolve, and change. The ending shouldn’t feel exactly like the beginning, but it also shouldn’t be absurdly different enough to where it doesn’t even feel like the same show. I think Buffy did this super well because the story and characters do grow up and change. The technology changes too, so where the first two seasons look pretty gray and 90s, the rest gradually become more colorful and clear and vibrant with better effects. But returning to the beginning is such a strange feeling because you know what’s going to happen and you can pick up on things you didn’t before. All this has to do with those lyrics because despite loving the nostalgia and innocence of the early seasons which grounded the show, there are greater things yet to come. I can’t dwell only on these early seasons, I have to move with the characters through the rest of high school, college, and adult life.

Naturally, that brings me to the real life aspect of my revelations. Just like Buffy and the Scooby Gang, I too have to grow up and stop dwelling on the past. I look back at pictures and think about memories I’ve made with certain people and it gets challenging not to feel nostalgic or even sad about them. I have a bunch of people at home I left behind, I have a bunch of photos of the summer where I went on the missions trip, or swam in the pool, or went to the carnival and of course I remember those memories fondly. Of course I get sad seeing those faces as they’re 400 or more miles away. But you know, part of me still clings to those and I think I haven’t even fully moved on. Not that I have to let go, but I have to accept where I am in order to be most efficient. I have keep thinking about what I had and  what was, then I’ll never be fully invested in what I’m doing now. I won’t be giving the people here a fair shot, I won’t be applying myself fully to my studies, and I’m going to be miserable looking for something I can’t have. “Greater things are still to be done,” and I have to be ready for those things, whatever they are. I want to go back to what’s comfortable and what I know is good, but there are still good things to come. I think we all look to the same places to find happiness and great things, so when we look elsewhere we don’t expect to find that happiness. But there will be. Even if it’s different and new, there’s still something good to be done and greater still than anything we’ve seen yet.

I don’t think I have anything else to say. That just about sums it up. I’ll try to have more posts out here soon. Thanks for reading.


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