Back to Utah… Again

Yet another chapter in the college saga. Tomorrow I am going to Utah to visit the college one final time before I move in to meet with financial advisors and look at the dorms and just get any final questions asked or business attended to. I also received my room assignment and I’ve been getting a lot of information that needs to be combed through, so my goal in this post is to just share my thoughts about everything right now.

First I have to mention my roommate, who judging from his alternate email is from South Korea. I’m really intrigued by that, but also really anxious about that. Before I learned this, I pictured myself with one of three kinds of people: the way cooler than me person who is handsome and athletic and “perfect,” the average Joe-schmoe college person who is kinda like me, or the weird nerd guy without many friends. I know of course there are more than these three kinds of people, but just from past experience and seeing college people and knowing them and watching movies and things, those were just who I envisioned myself living with. When I saw my roommate’s name, my very first instinct was “Asian,” which brought to mind the more nerdy roommate. I of course don’t want that to be my first impression because I haven’t heard back from him yet and I’ve never met him, and prejudices aren’t a nice thing to base people on. This does raise many questions to me though, because his email address is through a South Korean company, which makes me think that he’s actually from South Korea. I’m wondering what he’s going to be like. Is he really from South Korea? Can he speak English? If he can, how good is it? Is he a nerd? Is he a jock? Is he familiar with American culture? Is he going to like what I like? Will I have to kill him because he doesn’t? That’s a joke of course. But I’m just very curious as to what my dorm experience is going to be like with him there. I don’t know, but I’m determined to make it good.

I was required to take entrance counseling for my loan that I’m using, which, for those who haven’t taken it for whatever reason, is a program provided by the FSA online that teaches you about the different loans and your expenses and paying them off responsibly and all the ins and outs of having a loan. Right now I’ve been offered two loans, one subsidized and one unsubsidized. I’ve only accepted the subsidized loan because that one has its interest paid by the federal government, and it gives me more money than the other one. I’m not sure about my total expenses for this year, but I’m pretty certain that my scholarships pay for my entire tuition for at least this year, which leaves me to pay for books, room and board, the meal plan, and any misc. expenditures. I have a small grant for books that should cover the textbooks if I can get them for cheaper from a book renting place online, and I’ve seen a few of those places so I can check that out. Basically I have to pay around $750 every month to live on campus and have food, which should be taken care of by my loan and a job that I will have to get when I’m out there. I think I’ll be okay financially because I’m not borrowing a ton, and I’m borrowing subsidized money so I won’t have to pay extra. The real questions I have are regarding the method of payment, like payment plans and cards and what is paid how and when and scholarships and accounts and crap like that. That’s what I’ll be talking about with the financial people this weekend.

There’s also a packing list I received that tells me most of the things to consider bringing, but I’m not sure about closet space or whether I’ll need to bring kitchen supplies or a TV or things like that. Again, I’ll have to go and visit again to get a better idea of what I can and should bring. Maybe my roommate comes from a rich family and he can bring lots of that stuff and I won’t have to. One can hope, right? If I understand the code right, my room should be on the second floor, which is good for me because I’d like to hang a certain poster in my window that looks super cool with light shining through it, and because it’s on the second floor I won’t have to deal with as many weird stares from people who walk by. Nobody looks up while they’re walking like they look side to side, so less embarrassment for me over having a Buffy poster that must be hung somewhere in the room, preferrably in the window.

I’m also making this trip with my dad, who to my knowledge has never been to Ogden. I’m hoping this trip is beneficial to him as well so he can better learn about where I’m going to be living and the people I’ll be associating with daily for at least a year of my life. I want him to learn the lay of the land and ultimately I want him to like the area. It’s important to me that I have my dad’s approval of the town. I’m not sure why, but I guess knowing that he likes the area too will give me confidence that I’ve made a good choice and he may visit once in a while. Who knows? I’m just hoping he’ll enjoy it as much as I know I do.

The last thing is just the usual college excitement. I move in in 37 days, which means I move out in a little less than that, and I start packing before that. After this trip, July will be nearly over and then I’m in August, which is going to be a huge month for me. I have to say goodbye to people and pack and there’s lots of church activities planned as a last hoorah before school starts, and I need to actually go back to high school for a quick bit to put my hand print on the back of the set shop door because I didn’t do it before I left, which means I have to talk to the teacher and take time to do that. It’s going to get really intense really fast from here on out, and I want to make the best of it. I’m almost done with watching all of Buffy with my mom, and so far she says she enjoys it. She doesn’t quite like Anya as much as I do, so that must be remedied, and we’ll have to get through as much of Angel as we can before I leave. I’m also picking up How I Met Your Mother now that Parks and Rec is done (though there’s still one season left that isn’t on Netflix yet). I’ve seen it sometimes when my sister watched it and when nothing else was on, so I know a lot of what happens down the road, but I’m watching it all for myself. As a college bound person, I think it’s kind of like a right of passage to watch that show in its entirety so I can also hate the ending which I don’t know. All I can say is that 10 episodes in, knowing a lot of the future relationships and problems and stuff, I really want Robin and Ted to hook up, because they’re adorable together. And I can’t see Lily as anything other than Willow from Buffy. Alyson Hannigan is phenomenal and I adore her, but Willow was written so well that every aspect of Lily just feels like one part of Willow, and as such, I’m adoring Lily more than I should be. That is a really fun show, and I’m excited to watch it all! I only have 198 episodes left to go.


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