Almost There/Weekend

I just want to say before anything else that I have no clue what exactly the “idea” behind this post will be. Before I start rambling on about random stuffs, I just have to do a little excited yammer. So, it is May 11, 2015. This time of year as I’ve been mentioning for a while now is going to be BIG. To put it a little in perspective, I’m turning my senior thesis in today, which by the way I FINALLY completed. I’m not big on the quality of it, but I did some number crunching and I’m pretty confident in what I see. The important thing though is that I completed it and I’m still alive. I wrote my 15 page paper that I have no idea what I’m really writing about, and if I can get a halfway decent, or even a failing grade, I will still be happy with my final grade in the class. What I’m trying to say is I’m super happy that I got this giant burden off my chest and now I only have to worry about revising it IF I NEED/WANT TO. But now, I can relax a little easier and do my other, more manageable homework. So, all is pretty good on that front. I also have a series of countdowns, because it’s THAT time of year. I’m turning 18 in 3 days, my last day of high school is in 8 school days (10 normal days), and my graduation is in 13 days. Graduation parties are all around that time, and spring is in the air and I’m almost DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL AND A LEGAL ADULT. That is kind of terrifying, but simultaneously super exciting. I cannot wait to graduate, and now that senior thesis is out of my hair (for the most part), I think I can generally and comparatively speaking cruise my way out. How exciting. Last night I was just thinking about the material I’ll have to post about in the coming months. I’m even thinking of titles already. Between my birthday, graduation, going to college, final projects, graduation parties, mission trip, VBS, and an assortment of other things, I’m expecting a flurry of posts to be coming out in the near future through the summer. So if you like my blog, you have that to look forward to :).

Any who, what do I want to talk about. I guess I’m just going to jumble a bunch together that I think is worth mentioning about my recent life and crap like that. First of all, yesterday was Mother’s Day and I have a lot of Mother’s Day stuff to talk about. One thing is how it seldom is as good as it’s supposed to be. We want our mom to have a good day, and part of her good day is spending time with ALL her children at the same time. That means that for virtually the entire day, I’m interacting with my brother and sister, and that is like dropping a match in a barrel of gunpowder. It’s only a matter of time before KABOOM! Most of our Mother’s Days are really pretty sucky for that reason. Yesterday was kind of bad, but overall I think it went a lot better than usual. One MAJOR factor was going to see Avengers: Age of Ultron. If you haven’t seen it yet, you have to. My mom didn’t want to see it because she heard it was reviewed poorly, but I heard the contrary. I heard it wan’t reviewed as well as the first Avengers movie, but I heard it was the difference between an A+ and an A. I think I liked it more than the first one. I thought it was far more interesting, it had a cooler villain than dumb old Loki who can’t seem to do anything right (with an awesome voice), and it brought in three pretty badass heroes. The Scarlet Witch stole that movie for me. Man, she was awesome. Almost singlehandedly she destroyed the Avengers. She has these mind powers that make them see their worst fears and she took out Cap, Thor, Hulk (kinda made him into the hulk, but I’d still say she wrecked him), and Black Widow. Couldn’t get Hawkeye, who might I say was a lot cooler in this movie. Either way, when Scarlet Witch walked out of that building and started tearing robots apart with her misty red stuff, I was just thinking this in my head: “YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS!” Ultron was a way cooler villain and new characters rocked, so I think this movie was well worth it, and I’m a big fan.

On Saturday, we saw the movie Do You Believe, which I didn’t really want to see because of senior thesis. I really procrastinated a ton on that project from hell, but it’s done and over. I took a break and we went to see the movie, going back to that post a few weeks ago about saying yes even when you want to say no. So I went to see it and I had mixed feelings. The movie was good. Like any movie, especially a Christian movie like this, it’s a little unrealistic. I know it’s supposed to show how God provides for those who believe, but the situations in the movie were a little too convenient to be believable. That being said, the movie was quite good. It was inspiring and sad and heartwarming. The bad part of it was seeing it with my mom who was really messed up. I don’t really know why she was the way she was, but the entire movie was filled with her sniffling and sobbing and gasping and big hand gestures and her talking to herself. It was very distracting and obnoxious. I have no idea what was wrong, so I asked her and she said that it was because she doesn’t think my sister believes and I only thought, “Well DUH!” At one point when a doctor was saying that somebody being raised from the dead wasn’t a miracle, my mom whispered (in the presence of my 11 year old brother) “Oh, fuck you.” It doesn’t get more distracting than that. I was pretty furious with her. Oh well, it’s okay I suppose. I think she was high on tobacco so there’s that, but that’s her choice, even if it did make my movie experience worse.

I don’t know what else I have to say. I guess this was kind of just an update post, so uh, look forward to my upcoming posts I guess. There will be more interesting posts to come. If you want to talk about The Avengers: Ague of Ultron though, please do because I just need to talk about the awesomeness that was that movie. Okay, take care!


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