Pure Poetry

I wrote some poetry! It’s our poetry unit in creative writing and I’m very excited to say I have four different poems here for you. The first one is called an acrostic, which is simply a poem, but the first letter of every line is a line itself. Look for the message. The second one is a ballad, which is kind of like a song, but the syllable count goes 8-6-8-6 and the rhyme scheme is ABCB with some refrains. The third one is just a free verse, so nothing “special” about that one. The final one is a multimodal, which means that it’s not just text. It’s actually a video with my voice saying the poem as images play in front of you. I worked hard on these and I’m very pleased with the results, so let me know what you think, which one is your favorite, all of that. I hope you enjoy!

The Impossible

Life is a gift that we are meant to cherish. We may choose to love
Or hate, but love is always the answer. There are
Villains who will speak of it but never practice it and instead do
Evil. Don’t be discouraged by their
Negligence. Real love can soften
Even the most hardened heart like a river rips at rock.
Violence won’t solve your vicious vendetta or lead to a life worth
Enjoying. All it will produce is ruin and Rage that will eat away at all around you.
Forgive those who wrong you, those you love,
And even those who seem unforgivable. They’re the ones
In need of it most. You’ll find so much more fulfillment if you
Learn to love. In the end, no matter how dirty and tainted, everyone has a
Soul that can be washed clean. Give them a chance.

Stand Up Tall

It came like a flood that evening.
There was no hope at all.
What can chase away the darkness
And make you stand up tall?

The morning seems so far away
And you can’t even tell
That what has come to save your life
Will love you all as well.

It comes to you by humble means
And no one would have guessed
To even look upon His face
Is truly to be blessed.

The sorrow seems too hard to bear;
There is no hope at all.
Look to Him, you’ll be sanctified,
He’ll make you stand up tall.

Tall enough to brave infernos
That threaten to devour
Ev’rything that makes you wonder
If He has any pow’r.

Have faith in Him, you will be saved.
He’s given hope to all.
Don’t turn around, just stand your ground
You will be standing tall.

The dark will try to hide your light.
Your hope has conquered all
Those times when there seems no way out
But you were standing tall.

A Joyful Heart Needs No Crutches

In order to be successful, we have to make the most.
Meaning the most means having the most to boast.
Most cars, most land, most 0s on a paycheck
And the most men and women to wreck
Like you’re some kind of Gatsby;
At least you’re happy.

Our teachers, our counselors, and our parents shout
“We have to make it big, there’s nothing you can’t live without!”
We are the future, and the future is bigger and better,
And our wallets should be our greatest treasure.
We’re not told the meaninglessness of money,
Collect everything just to leave it all behind? Funny
How news is filled with the size of peoples’ fortunes
Instead of their heart and soul.
How can we be made whole?
Our success needs a new standard.

Service, integrity, honesty, respect,
Ethics, discipline, honor, attitude,
Joy, love, compassion, happiness.
Our bodies are shells concealing
Dirty souls plagued and in need of healing.
Avarice, Wrath, pride, envy, gluttony, sloth, and lust,
Seven deadly sins for a sinful society breed mistrust.
Our success in this world if purchased
By wicked means is worthless.
We plot and we ravage each other, masquerading
As righteous and pure by persuading.

Count your true and honest friends.
Measure your love for those around you
Because they’re gems, not means to ends.
Beautiful parts of the world have endured.
Think of the people your charity touches.
Your joy is your ultimate success.
A joyful heart needs no crutches.

More Than a Memory

Hope you enjoyed! Tell me what you think! Share the video and post. I love being able to share my writing with people beyond my usual blog posts. Hopefully it lets you see a different side of me. Forgive the one part of that video where an image is repeated because movie maker is dumb. Can’t work out ALL the glitches. We’re internet buddies, you’ll forgive me. The important part is the words anyway. Thanks!


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