Politics and Control

So quick update on just a few things. I’m excited to announce that I’ve signed up for and drafted the first copy of my graduation speech. I have to do an audition and I’m not sure what I’ll be judged on or who my competition is or how many spots are available, but what I do know is I’ve accepted the challenge and I have a (very) rough draft. I’ll try to keep up with informing you all, but my audition is on April 9th, so send some prayers my way that I not only get a good speech going, but also a good audition. Should I be selected, I’ll try to get a video of it and upload it here, but I’m really hoping I get to participate. Other news I have on my front is just that I’m starting to come to terms with end of the year stuff, but that’s not totally new. What is new about that is I couldn’t sleep last night so I wrote stuff down that I had to get out of my head. I wrote down something that shall remain a surprise, but let’s just say that if you’re a semi-close friend of mine, you’ll probably be getting a little surprise from me in the May-August vicinity. I’m not going to say what, but I know what I’m going to do and I hope you ALL will like it, because I’m giving out I think somewhere around 20 of them. I can’t wait to prepare them for you all. I also started brainstorming different quotes I want to get tattooed on my body. It’s not a reality I’m going to prepare for just yet, but I will definitely be getting some tattoos, and I want to start thinking of them now. My final piece of news is just that I’m still looking for different jobs, and I sent in an application to Dairy Queen two weeks ago (heard nothing, that must be a bad thing right?) and Chik-fil-A yesterday. Hopefully I can land a job here soon and maybe (fingers crossed) that will lead to a car? One can dream. Now let’s move into what I want to talk about.

I’m going to get a little political here. I’m not sure whether these posts are the most enjoyable, but I think they’re important and it helps me voice my opinion. And I actually mean political here in a way, because what I want to talk about is control. Being a senior in high school, I’m a lot more aware of the world around me than I’ve ever been before. People my age are formulating their own opinions, joining political parties, going to colleges that share similar beliefs as them, and to say the least, I can’t escape damn politics. I really hate that politics is so divisive and sometimes a breeding ground for corruption, greed, and evil, whether it’s a politician or not. We all know those radical liberals who bash anyone who doesn’t support Obama or might be a “man hater” or whatever, and we all know those radical conservatives who are racist homophobes that preach peace but do nothing but hate. Those aren’t really the people I want to talk about, but rather the stances they take. I myself have a stance, but I’m going to do my best to be as impartial as possible when talking about these issues that I want to talk about. So here goes nothing.

First, I want to talk about women. I know, I’ve done it before, but I don’t think like this before. I’ve addressed it in “God Made Girls” and a little bit in “Man Points” which happen to be my second and third most popular posts respectively. There have been some claims about women and politics that have me wanting to voice my opinion on them. I believe it was a Facebook post that I saw, and it essentially said that men shouldn’t be in control of the fates of women. Another one like that said that if men could get pregnant, abortion and birth control would be completely legal. That second one is kind of hurtful and it saddens me that such a sexist comment would be made as if men only think abortion is bad because they don’t have to deal with the pregnancy if they don’t want to. I think abortion is wrong for entirely different reasons, regardless of my sex. Also, quick comment, a friend of mine said that sexism is only against women and that sexist comments can’t be made against men. Excuse me, but bull crap. Same logic that says racism can’t be against white people. Is it most common for any -ism to be directed at a minority? Most of the time, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to go the other way! It creates another minority in a way. But back to women. I do partially agree that claim. There should be more female representation in government. The part I don’t agree with is when people assume that a different physical difference automatically creates a psychological difference. A body is nothing but a body. What’s important is the mind and the soul, which aren’t colored or assigned a gender. Diversity comes from different people, not black people or women or gay people or whatever. Enough with the ASSUMPTIONS that because you’re a woman or “different” that you have different (or similar) points of view. Not all white people think the same! Not all women think the same! Not all rich people, young people, black people, gay people, think the same! Really we’re all people! Who gives a damn if the person voted into office is a white christian man with lots of money? A poor black atheist woman could share the exact same views as them. Is it as likely? No, but let the person tell you that, not their skin color or which set of genitals they have. Again, I’m all for having different people in leadership positions, I just refuse to believe that physical attributes automatically determine what you believe. Men and women are both against abortion, Christians and atheists can both support gay people, enough with the typecasting.

Another thing that really bothered me that that friend said is that women have always been oppressed and always been fighting it. See, I believe that there were a lot of women in history who were perfectly content with their station in life. I hate that the same people who care about preserving foreign cultures are so quick to dismantle others that they deem bad (usually on account of them being an “oppressed” people). Those damn Catholics killing all those Jews man, it’s horrible (really it is) but when the Jews kill other Jews, oh well, war happens. What about all those Indian and African and Chinese cultures that became westernized? Poor them. Oh wait, they showed some of the same traits that you hate in your own culture. I’m not saying that westernization is a good thing, or that racial genocides are acceptable, but for goodness sake stop trying to justify actions by minorities as any different from the same acts of hatred by the majority, just because they’re a minority. White man kills black man? Racist! Black man kills white man? Rebelling against a venomous system, standing up for his “culture.” I see two men dead and it doesn’t really matter why. Like someone said in “The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later,” every crime is a hate crime. A murder is a murder no matter who did it or for what reason. The real issue at hand is that someone is dead. Okay, so enough of this. So much for that impartial thing. My point in all this is that racism and sexism are bad, and so are a lot of -isms. But we as a society need to move beyond these assumptions about people different from ourselves. We are not defined by our skin color or gender, so why do people assume that having those makes a work place any more diverse. Saying that simply justifies the flawed belief that the person is different on account of their race or gender. Perhaps what we need to do is only interact via computer systems that can hide gender and skin color and voice tone and all of that so that all we can see in people is who they are, and maybe then having a penis or darker skin pigmentation won’t be so damn important to everyone.

Something I noticed was also interesting was in AP Lang last year how so many people found utilitarianism to be the best framework we were provided with, which essentially just means doing what’s best for the most people. And yet we are so obsessed with helping the minority. From what I understand of modern Asian cultures is that they don’t give much of a damn about the individual. You do what’s best for your people and your country, which explains the sweatshops and the overwhelming poverty in a lot of those places. Supposedly the majority of America is straight and white, so in theory why should we care about gay people and minorities? Well maybe I’m being a tad facetious or missing the point, because that’s usually when push comes to shove, or when one has to be had over another. Either way, it just baffles me sometimes.

Here’s what I really think ought to be the way things go in regards to this country’s politics. This is pure idealism, so it’ll never happen this way, but this is what I think needs to be done. First we need to stop relying on ourselves or the “goodness of man” because really there is no goodness of man. Man is an evil thing. I’m going to specify evil as imperfect here because not every person is evil in the traditional sense of the word. We are all flawed and imperfect and generally evil. Isn’t it weird how we have to teach our children to do the right thing, but never have to teach them to do the wrong thing? Wouldn’t that suggest that humans are innately bad? I was never taught to steal or to lie or to hit people, but I’ve done all of those things. We’re not taught to murder, but we do it anyway. We have innate evil in us, and we can’t be trusted with our own futures without guidance. We have to seek after something that is good. By good I mean perfect. Many people have differing opinions on what good and evil is. Some believe that everything is subjective and there is no objective Truth or perfect goodness. Everything is up to the person, except for those few things we do deem as bad. Really, why is killing people bad? We’re all going to die some time anyway. Why would we discriminate against those people who believe killing for pleasure is okay? So maybe there is some objective truth. I submit that Jesus is the source of all objective truth. He handed us the Bible, or Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. If we did what Jesus asks us to do, we would be perfect, because that’s ultimately what he wants. But that’s not a reality for us, so we have to do our best. Will we mess up? Of course, but one of Jesus’ commands is forgiveness. Love the Lord your God, and love your neighbor. It’s that simple. Everything else falls into place. It’s okay for us to have those differences. I know some people don’t like what the Bible says, but that is of course dark’s first reaction to light: to flee. But really, if EVERYONE lived a life after Jesus’ heart, America would be the best country on earth. It’s not right to force the rich to pay more, but it’s not right for them to hog it all. They ought to give it and be generous like Jesus says. Crime would go down and motivation would go way up, so production would be improved, our soldiers would be even better, we would know our neighbors and love them. We can’t depend on ourselves because we aren’t perfect. Say what you will, but the society would be so much better.

I’m definitely not saying that liberals are all wrong, or that conservatives are all right, because I think you need to take the best of both and put them together. They are just another system of belief, it doesn’t mean that a Christian can’t be either, or that either can’t be Christian. I really would like to enjoy politics, but the environment right now is so toxic with so much hatred between the two or more parties that the country is going into deeper crap than it already is in. Band together, don’t turn away from each other. Don’t give up hope, and strive toward the world that Jesus wants us to have. Christian or not, I think the world Jesus envisions is about as good as it comes. It doesn’t have to be so far a distant reality. I’m sorry for starting to rant, it wasn’t my intention at all. I just care about the fate of the world and those who inhabit it, and any sensible person should, so why would we fight each other? I’m not sure if I left anything out, but let me know if you want to hear more about this or some other subjects or whatever. Thanks for reading, and truly God bless you and may God bless America.


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