Love Destroyed, Reclaimed, Everlasting

Hey everyone, this week is another one of my own compositions. We’ve started a new unit in my creative writing class. We’re starting vignettes and we have to craft three vignettes that share a common theme, but can each stand alone if need be. A vignette, if you don’t know, is essentially capturing a moment, a person, and emotion, an idea, or anything in a short piece of artistic literature. It has to be very stylistic, with lots of creative devices. The titles need to encapsulate the theme of the piece, so the titles are very important. These are the first vignettes I’ve ever written, and they all draw upon a different scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer that impacted me very heavily. The first one is describing a wedding scene where she’s about to be left at the altar, so the actions are all character based. The second one is based on Buffy and Angel getting back together and shares the title with the name of the episode in which it occurs. The language describes their conversation and several lines bears heavy semblance to those in the show, so I’m not entirely sure if it counts as plagiarism. In case it does, consider this my citation, that some of the lines resemble those in the episode. The third one is trying to capture the emotion felt after the death of a dearly loved one in various ways, through short sentences, the repetition of the thought of “never,” and some other things. I also replaced a couple words in the vignette with the name of the character to add emotional depth, in case you get tripped up by the apparent misspellings.

By the name of this post, the common theme, beyond the Buffy inspiration, is a theme of love, but each one with a slightly different take on it. The three words in the title after love signify the take on love in each of the respective pieces. So the first one will be about love about to be destroyed, the second about reclaiming a love that was thought lost, and the last one about love despite loss. They all have numerous artistic elements woven through them and several themes I think are recurring, so there’s more than just one. Keep an eye out for them, and let me know what you think about my first drafts of my first vignettes. I’m very proud of these and they were a blast to write. Let me know of ways to improve them, if you enjoyed them, if you could feel the emotion behind them, see the themes, which artistic elements I used and whether they’re effective/underwhelming/overwhelming etc. Just let me know as much as you can and/or want to. I’ll also suggest you watch the episodes in which they occur if you haven’t already. I’ll leave several links at the bottom to scenes that you can watch to compare. If you do watch them, potential spoilers.

The Lion and the Lamb

My heart beats fast, so bad it might register on the Richter scale. Her hands stand erect at her sides as she gazes into the mirror, yammering about her excitement; her love for her fiancé radiating from her glistening white dress. Her curly blonde hair dangles at her shoulders, bouncing playfully every time she whips her head around to ask her bridesmaids a question she already knew the answer to, or one she couldn’t know the answer to. Glittering silver and diamond jewelry is strung around her neck and through small holes in her ear. I know the truth, the answer to the question she hopes she’ll never have to ask. My chest throbs lightly at the knowledge that she dresses herself for the happiest day of her life like a lamb for the slaughter. What she doesn’t know is that this new life, a young dim candle amidst all the darkness, will be snuffed out before it has a chance to live. The righteous fire of her love, her passion, threatens to burn me to a crisp, a wicked bearer of knowledge that threatens to shatter her world. I know that she has to find out some time. My only hope, the last thread keeping us all from plunging into the pit of molten lava, is that he will come to his senses before he casts us all aside like a rickety, old, screen door. The tears well up in her eyes and in mine, hers out of delight and devotion, mine out of distress and dejection. The purity of her desire sets my heart on fire, an inferno unquenchable by anything but, “I do.” She grasps her flowers to her breast, as she at last departs to the ritual slaughter of her being, and I follow behind powerless to prevent the prevailing of perfectly pernicious purposes. But dutifully I follow into the lion’s den.


Time runs short, but in this moment, the world waits for us. Soon the sun will rise and it will all be over, everything that could be so beautiful will vanish in smoke and flame. This has to end quickly. The pain of disbelief is suspended in the air, he doesn’t belong in the world. He came back and fears the idea of losing himself in another act of pure, passionate, powerless love. She believes. She trusts his humanity to restrain the beast inside. She trusts that his place isn’t vacated and is with her. She trusts in his soul. Despite his proclamation of his own weakness, she realizes the frailty of everyone, that the world is populated by the feeble, but it’s no excuse to leave it. They have the power to do good, or the power to end it all and leave behind nothing but a monstrosity. He throws her to the ground and grasps her shoulders, his eyes squinted in an attempt to hold back the tears. Is he something worth saving? Something worthy of occupying a space in the world? The world has rejected him. She breaks free, and stares into his eyes, liquid crystal seeping from the corners of her eyes. He’s been to hell for her and she sent him there to break free, to deny reality and her heart. He has a place in her world and her heart. She hates the vulnerability, the damage to be wrought with or without his presence. But still it’s no excuse. They must fight against all hardship, against all circumstances. He wishes to be strong, to give the world a break and remove himself from it. Just one time he has to be strong. But strong isn’t giving in. For her, strong is fighting! It’s difficult, and it hurts, and it’s daily, but it’s what they have to do. And they can do it together. Their faces soften, and snow descends from the sky as in a dream. Never could it snow in the heat of California, but still the snow falls, a great shower from Heaven. The cleansing crystals clear away the contempt and replace it with commitment’s sweet embrace. They walk together, hands intertwined, finally complete.


Palms sweat and the image doesn’t register. Never blinking. She lies on the couch gazing at the ceiling. Never seeing. What kind of a trick is this? Never thinking. Get up; you’re scaring your daughter. Never caring. You can’t leave now. Never responding. Calmly grab the phone, repressing emotions that threaten to devour her. Never touching. Nothing appropriate to wear; why can’t she dress like an adult? Never caring. Where’s the one she liked? Never finding. She doesn’t understand; how could she? Never comprehending. There a moment and gone the next, brushing her hair, drinking fruit punch, eating eggs, yawning; why can’t she just get back up? Never moving. Tears swell, lips quiver, bodies tremble, and nobody will explain why the body is just a body. Never explaining. The world has stopped spinning, hearts have stopped beating, birds have stopped singing, life has stopped meaning. Never returning. Heads on shoulders, hands over eyes, sheet on body. Never breathing. Stay strong and carry on and maybe it will all go away; maybe this isn’t real; maybe there’s some way to bring her back. Never happening. Just one look will be enough to quench the thirst, the thirst that thrives in those curious fools who don’t understand. Never satisfying. Don’t know what to do next; it was always her responsibility to make the calls, pay the bills, be there to hug when things went wrong. Never helping. It just can’t be happening it can’t be like this there has to be another way. Never believing. The void left by her departure is a black hole, sucking the Joyce from everyone’s life and leaving nothing but ruin and despair. Never fulfilling. Despite the catastrophe, the world starts to spin again, hearts resume their beating, and the birds sing their melancholy song once more, but life still hasn’t found new meaning. Never consoling. It’s time to find the meaning, the reason to go on; there’s so much to be thankful for, to reJoyce in. Never giving . . . in.

YouTube links:

The Lion and the Lamb (Hell’s Bells)- No YouTube videos I can find, so just go watch the season 6 episode “Hell’s Bells” of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Please do, it’s on Netflix and at this location (which has every episode of the series as well, so you could navigate this site to find all the episodes)-

Amends (Amends)-

Never (The Body)- HEAVY SPOILERS!! But still watch please. start at 4:41, unless you want to watch some funny things.

So that’s all I’ll give you, except for that you should watch the entire episodes (the entire series at that) to see how well I captured the sentiments. Thanks for reading. Again, let me know what you think!


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