God Made Girls

To be fair, God made everything, but this is actually the name of a song that I’ve noticed has a lot more controversy about it than is necessary. The song is by RaeLynn, who was a contestant on the second season of the voice, but didn’t win. This is the music video for the song:

I’ve read through some of the comments and even made my own, but many of the comments are negative. I’ve heard people say that the YouTube comments are meaningless and breeding grounds for negativity. Nothing gets accomplished there. I’d say I agree, if I did. I believe that all mediums have the power to change, especially people’s feelings. I think the YouTube comments are often times the most accurate depictions of how people feel because they can say whatever they want with few repercussions. So this song is accused of being sexist because it celebrates being girly, or that it only places women’s value on their ability to please a man. One user wrote, ” I was NOT put on this Earth to please or support a MAN! What is wrong with people that this is still a thought process had by GIRLS THEMSELVES? This is ludicrous!”

I try hard to spread love, but comments like this really fan my flames. This song CELEBRATES being a woman. In what way is that sexist? Just because she celebrates different ways of being a woman than you do? Look at other songs with a hundreds of millions of views that talk about having sex, dressing scantily clad, and other such things. Fine, that’s their choice. I think it’s kind of demeaning to the person, not the gender. Still for argument’s sake, how is that any more feminist? She’s flaunting her body (to which men flock to) and encouraging destructive habits and earning titles like “whore” or “slut” or others? I don’t think they should be called that because it’s disrespectful, but like Kacey Musgraves says in “Follow Your Arrow”, “You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.” I’d encourage listening to that song as well because it does preach self acceptance and basically doing what you want. Don’t take this to mean that she or I support doing harmful things, but just take it how you will.

Anyway, this “God Made Girls” song. The lyrics clearly identify women as girly, and that God made them that way. I don’t think that this song says girls are weak either. If anything, it’s saying women are stronger than men because of lines like “tough enough to break a heart.” It does talk about being around boys and doing stuff for them or to them a lot. This isn’t purely out of servitude, but as a complement. Men are best when they’re with women, and vice versa. It doesn’t say that you can’t do it yourself or that you HAVE to be with someone. Most religions or philosophies would agree in saying that men and women were made to be with each other in harmony and cooperation, not at odds, and everything is weaker when separated. For Christians, probably other religions as well, marriages symbolize the joining of flesh, becoming one under God. It’s a union. I believe it was even in greek mythology where Zeus or some other god created humans, but they had two heads, four arms, four legs, etc. He feared they were too powerful so he split them into man and woman. Man and woman both are strongest when they’re together. I think to argue otherwise is foolish and incorrect. When RaeLynn says, “Give him a reason to wash that truck,” she doesn’t mean that he lives to cater to her every whim. She means that women can bring out the responsibility and chivalry in men, which is a good thing. Service is NOT a bad thing! Why do people think that submission or service is a demeaning, dehumanizing thing? The minimum wage workers who serve corporate tycoons and customers are humans and people and heroes, but women who serve their husbands aren’t? Or vice versa? What kind of thinking is that?

It says in Genesis that God saw man was lonely and he created woman out of man to fix it. She perfected man, and he cannot be perfect without her. They are both essential and each role is equally important. Not everybody can be a CEO because then who would operate the company? Cars have one driver. And really, it’s not a question of ability. I sure as hell believe that women are strong and beautiful and can take care of themselves. I have no problem with women in leadership roles. In a marriage, the woman probably could do the leadership role. But just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. I could go get in the car and ram it into someone’s house. I can say mean things to people, but that doesn’t mean I should. The reason a woman should be submissive isn’t because they’re weak or worthless, but because that’s what they were created for. It’s a way of honoring God. Submission has such negative connotations, but just google what Candace Cameron Bure has to say about her marriage. Submission does NOT mean that the man has complete and total authority, or that women have no rights or merit. It means that it’s an equal partnership, but somebody has to pull the trigger. Kind of a weird analogy, but think of it this way. You have two soldiers, one is a captain and the other a private, and they need to figure out how to deal with a bad guy. Either soldier is capable of pulling the trigger to execute the guy, but the responsibility really falls to the captain. The private has a say, and could do it. If the captain can’t then the private will help make the captain able to do it, or do it themselves and then help. The analogy is a little flawed because typically captains are more dignified and “better” than privates, but I hope I made myself understandable.

“Something that can wake him up and call his bluff and drag his butt to church/Something that is hard to handle/Somethin’ fragile to hold him when he hurts” doesn’t mean that men are liars and are incapable of going to church on their own. Can a man be strong on his own and “hold himself?” Yes, but if you’re in a healthy relationship, won’t you instinctually go to your wife/husband and seek their comfort, out of both need and desire? There is a pervasive idea that you have to do things on your own to be strong, and that relying on others is bad, and vulnerability is bad. I say vulnerability is the ultimate source of strength and human greatness, or God’s greatness! I’d bet that every single great advancement in any culture happened because of vulnerability. We created clothes because we were vulnerable to the elements, weapons for survival, language for survival and communication and pleasure. Vulnerability stirs humans to greatness. The strongest people were the most vulnerable. Why is there an attitude that we can make it on our own and live completely alone? We depend on each other in more ways than you can imagine. That food you eat was grown by someone. The shirts and pants were sewn by someone. The computer I write this one was assembled by people. Without other people in our lives, we would be surviving, not living. Don’t think for a moment that you can actually live on your own. MAYBE survive, but never live.

So where do I stand on feminism, because that’s what I’ve been discussing this whole time. I admire the goals of feminism, and they ultimately have good intentions. But “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” Intent doesn’t mean anything when your practices are messed up. People say feminism is about making and women equal in society. I support that 100%. I think God always intended for us to be equal in society. Equality doesn’t mean everyone is a clone of each other by the way, so not every woman has to work and not every woman has to be a housewife. There will always be those who are more well off. We shouldn’t be trying to get rid of the rich. The rich should honor their workers and those who got them where they were and show it, and the workers should be respectful of their authority and not be hateful because they’re more well off. That’s called envy, one of the seven deadly sins, and is a quick route to wrath and pride as well. Feminism in practice has been so much emphasis on women being self-sufficient and man hating, and rather prideful. It’s been very intolerant of those who choose to live differently than them, such as those who choose not to work and would like to live to please their man. Not A (see how I said A… a…) man, but THEIR man. One partner they want to spend their lives with in a way that will honor themselves, their husbands, and most importantly of all GOD! Even if you don’t believe in God, I still believe that God’s plan for us is the best plan, including his values. Love, humility, compassion, honesty, servitude, charity, you name it. Not one-upping and competing with each other to see who’s the best, or casting blame every which way and nobody wanting to take responsibility. Live a Christian life. Don’t live like Christians, because we’re as flawed as the next guy, but live like Jesus. There is no better role-model. He’s the one exception to the “Nobody’s perfect” rule. In short, I love feminism on paper, but not what it really seems to be. Emma Watson had a lot of things right in her speech to the UN.

I hope I’ve made my point clear and tied up loose ends, as well as covering all the potential topics. If I missed something you want to hear about, or just want me to clarify something, let me know. I really do believe in equality for all, regardless of who you are. I’m not perfect, and this next statement will sound hypocritical because I can’t live up to it completely, because I’m flawed. But I know God made me and he loves me and I’m doing my best to live like Jesus. God made girls, God made boys, he made the whole universe. How dare we insult a single one of his creations? I am a work in progress, and I sincerely hope that all of you will choose to be one as well. By the way, the song is one of my favorites.


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