End of an Era

On this past Wednesday, an era came to an end. I watched the series finale to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I was left in that episode alone with nostalgia, wonder, excitement, heart break, and dread. Over the course of the series, I felt everything you can imagine. It was such an amazing show. I cannot stress how good it was, and how many times I would recommend you watch it. You don’t HAVE to do what I did and watch it every minute of down time you have, but I got more absorbed in it that way. So now that it’s over and I’ve started Angel, I naturally have to say everything I really want to say about it, including a TON of top 10s. Who knows when I’ll finish this. I started it just past midnight on the 13th, going into the 14th of December. So technically now it’s the 14th. So if you don’t want to read a bunch of fanboying stuff, best to just not read farther. Here’s my Buffy love!

Top 10 Characters:
1- Angel: I don’t know where to start. Angel was perfect for Buffy, and he was a really fun and interesting character. He had a good arc, there’s just nothing wrong with him at all as a character. He was flawed but strong and intelligent and did I say PERFECT for Buffy? Best character in the entire show.
2- Anya: She was the funniest character on the show. Not Xander, Anya. That’s probably why they got along together, but I loved her humor and her ex-demon-not-getting-what-being-human-is character. She had a lot of really great moments in the show. That wedding episode was magnificent. And her capitalism and money jokes. Priceless. So much to love about her.
3- Buffy: As part of the Angel-Buffy romance and main character of the show, she has to be high on this list. She was witty and flawed and she embodied so many different aspects of life and humanity. Odd to come from a 15-22 year old girl who lives in a paranormal world, but it was true still. Plus, a STELLAR actress and many good stories for her.
4: Willow: I myself was in awe of her a lot. She started out normal and shy, but by the end she proved capable of destroying the world or changing it. She is one hell of a witch, and she was also really cute and innocent, until she started being all Dark Willow. And although I don’t agree with her being a lesbian, I still really loved both her and Tara, and could understand it at least. Regardless, loved Willow for everything.
5: Cordelia: She wasn’t on the show THAT much in the whole series, but she was the first Anya. I liked her humor and her viewpoint on a lot of things. Even if she was mean, she did portray many aspects of social behavior and life that the others couldn’t bring. Plus, she’s pretty great on Angel right now too.
6: Xander: BUT WHY SO LOW?!?!?! Well I like Xander a lot. Throughout the series he had a lot of really awesome moments and things to say. On the flip side, he pissed me off a lot. Leave Anya at the alter? D*** move Harris! Ragging on Angel and Buffy! WORSE! He was against Buffy when he shouldn’t have been, and that’s what makes him lower on this list.
7: Giles: I like Giles, I just never thought he was the most exciting or most involved character. He was an older guy which is fine, but he never really impressed me or made me feel anything. He was smart and he sometimes pissed me off when he got mad at Willow or Xander or Buffy or all three. He was far too disapproving I think. Anyway, he was pretty cool, especially when he tried to battle Dark Willow.
8: Tara: She was a fun character. I had so much of the show ruined for me that I was’t shocked when she was shot. I knew she would die. But I liked her temperament and who she was. I felt rather impartial about her, not swinging much in either direction, except more often positively swinging.
9: Dawn: I like what Dawn meant to Buffy and how she became so much more. She was the reject of the group, always being discarded by everyone, which was sad. But the way she dealt with it was pretty annoying most of the time. She seemed like a burden and really whiny. She had her really great moments, but caused a lot of trouble a lot.
10: Spike: Knowing about Spuffy, I have to dislike Spike. I hated how he treated Buffy for the majority of the show. I thought he was an alright character and I was glad he wanted to get better, and he was cool, but something about him just always made me want to punch him. His words and swagger and cockiness maybe. Plus, he tried to rape Buffy. No forgiveness, even if he died to stop the First.

Top 10 Villains:
1. Glory: She made me laugh a lot. Her nonchalantness and character basis was really amusing and entertaining. Plus, it’s pretty tough to top an evil Hell goddess. I enjoyed every minute of her.
2. Drusilla: I thought when Drusilla was around in season 2, she was hypnotic, and not in the sense that she could actually hypnotize people (sorry Kendra). Her innocent, child like voice and language combined with her big eyes and control over Spike made her haunting and creepy. Plus she took out Kendra pretty easily.
3. Dark Willow: She was so COOL! Like Willow, sweet little willow becoming the most powerful witch in the world and then trying to destroy it! This is Buffy’s best friend, and she is completely capable of destroying everything. Totally epic.
4. The First: Evil incarnate? Yeah, he lost to Buffy and the gang. But still, have to respect the definition of evil and his command over everything. Can transform into any dead person and plays mind games, plus releases the Tarak-han vampires, which is pretty sweet.
5. Angelus: He could either be at the top of this list or the bottom depending on how I look at it, so I’ll put him at the middle. He’s Angel, but evil. For that reason, I hate to see him be evil because he tries to kill Buffy, but I just love Angel and want him to be good. I hate him for not being good, but love him because I know he can be! Plus he has a huge effect on Buffy as a bad guy, which makes him a really good bad guy. And that death scene though. OMG!!
6. Mayor Wilkins: I thought he was pretty funny, being this guy who wants to be a pure demon, but still being so nutty. He’s obsessed with manners and being nice and responsible, but secretly wants to destroy the city and devour everyone. Plus he gets blown up. Neat.
7. Faith: I wasn’t sure where to put her. I considered putting her in my good guy list, but I decided not to. She’s good at both. But the reasons she’s a good villain is because she started good and turned evil. She was the slayer called after Kendra, and she was pretty charismatic. And it was hard for Buffy to fight a friend, and her and Buffy were pretty equal most of the time. And she was pretty funny too, even with the little quirks like calling Buffy “B” or saying “five by five” to means she’s doing good.
8. Adam: A robot, human, demon hybrid. That is a weird combination, and he wants to know about the world. A little intriguing and he gets points for being unique. He really shines in that Buffy had to become like super slayer to kill him, being all godly because of a spell cast by Willow, Xander, and Giles.
9. Dracula: He gets points for pure namesake, and the fact that he was a really cool vampire with a lot of tricks.
10. The singing demon: He’s not a major demon, which is why he’s so low. I didn’t choose the trio because they were kinda lame wannabes, even though they caused a lot of damage. Anyway, a demon that made the most fun episode ever, by making everyone sing and dance? SWEET!

Top 10 Deaths:
1. Angel: I bawled for literally about 45 minutes when Buffy had to send him to hell. He is her true love, and she had to kill him. It sucked so hard. And his face when she kills not Angelus, but Angel. “Close your eyes.” Then bam! “Buffy?” He gets sucked into the portal and I just lost it. I love Angel and Buffy.
2. Anya: ofijnhas;ogija'[eogndfklgn dklfs!!!!!!!!! That’s how I felt. Her death was so sudden. I knew it was coming because that one got spoiled for me too. But I was in shock! I gasped and then lost it. I cried hard, and for a long time. I loved her so much, and she’d only just started getting the human thing. And nobody but Andrew got to see her die, so she went forgotten. And final nail in the coffin is when Xander asks what happened to her, Andrew tries to show her as a hero for saving his life, and Xander says, “That’s my girl.” Oh, so powerful. I can’t believe it. I love her so much, I don’t want her to be gone.
3. Joyce: She was just a body on the couch. EVERYONE around Buffy was stricken. Nothing could have been done about her. It really drove the plot making Buffy have to take control. And I liked Joyce. She loved Buffy with all her heart.
4. Buffy: The first one was pretty lame, but you know, it kinda set the story for the rest of the series by jacking up the slayer line. The second one was really sad. Seeing everyone’s faces, and how she had to kill herself to save the world again to save Dawn too.
5. Tara: I would’ve been more sad if it hadn’t been spoiled for me. But her death was sudden and tragic and gave birth to Dark Willow.
6. Dopplegangers: In the episode “The Wish” when Cordelia wishes Buffy never came to Sunnydale, all those deaths are what I mean. Cordelia dies, Xander dies as a vampire, Willow as a vampire, Angel dies, Buffy dies, the Master is alive and kills her. Those were pretty cool deaths, and since they don’t really die, it’s okay!
7. Faith: Take this in any way you want. It could be the death of good Faith, or the near death she had. She was in a coma for eight months, so I’ll count it even though she never really died. When Buffy stabs her, that’s a big character turning point.
8. Cordelia: This is also a fake death, but I started to cry. She falls through some stairs and impales herself on a pipe. The next scene, after she passes out, shows a funeral, which made me think she died. I started to cry until Willow said she wasn’t dead.
9. Spike: I still don’t like Spike that much. His death to destroy the ubervamps was noble, and it was mega awesome, but just because it’s Spike, I don’t care much.
10. Cassie: She was a really minor character, in one or two episodes, but she predicted her own death in season 7, and Buffy tried to save her from people trying to execute her. She died of heart failure in the hallway right after that. I think that was pretty sad.

Top 10 Episodes:
1. Once More, With Feeling: The singing episode. I like a lot of the songs. They were really entertaining and really revealing. Plus the solo by Anya explaining why she’s fearful of bunnies is to die for.
2. Any episode where Angel and Buffy kiss. Sorry, but I love those. Buffy and Angel for life! In particular, the one where they have sex and Angel loses his soul. Both touching and intense.
3. The one with the slayers that Spike killed. I think it’s fascinating to learn about the other slayers and see how they went down and how powerful they were. The Chinese one and Nicki. I liked that one a lot.
4. Chosen: The series finale was really good, because Angel came back and from what I took from their conversation, Buffy and Angel can continue their relationship. She compared herself to cookies, and when Angel asks who would get to enjoy the cookies, I think she hinted at him getting to. Plus, the action sequences and emotional impact were intense.
5. Season 2 Finale: This gets points just for getting to watch Angel and Buffy sword fight, and the devastating ending.
6. The Wedding: This isn’t on my top list because I liked it, but because of the sheer emotional impact. Anya was so ready to marry Xander, and Xander goes and pisses me off by leaving her at the altar for being stupid and ignorant and a coward. He hurt Anya, and he can never be forgiven for that.
7. The Dark Willow saga: This all counts as one episode. For starter, Willow gets super interesting and evil and powerful. She kills Warren, and then destroys stuff. But then Giles fights her, and Xander gets a good moment by talking to Dark Willow and restoring her to regular Willow. Plus the scene where Anya can’t stop summoning bunnies is easily one of the funniest scenes in the entire show.
8. The Prom: Angel breaks up with Buffy and I want to cry. But, he does take her to the prom and they dance and it’s the sweetest thing. Plus the school recognizes Buffy for her efforts to save them and grant her a special award. Still is a great episode.
9. The Gentlemen episode: This is maybe the creepiest episode of the series. They silence the entire city and float rather than walk, and pretend to act like gentlemen before they carve your heart out. And their heads explode when they die. Still creepy.
10. Drusilla kills Kendra: I don’t know what to choose for this last episode. Maybe it can be one of the ones with vampire Willow, but I’ll choose this one. Drusilla is still one of my favorite villains, and when she bags Kendra, I was torn between pride and sadness. That was a pretty cool kill in my opinion, and such an underrated villain proved capable of killing a slayer.

Top 10 Relationships (no explanations):
1. Angel and Buffy
2. Anya and Xander
3. Buffy and Willow and Xander
4. Willow and Tara
5. Buffy and Dawn/Joyce
6. Buffy and Giles
7. Cordelia and Xander
8. Willow and Oz
9. Buffy and Riley
10. Buffy and Spike

So overall, I love the show. I think you can tell how much I like Angel, Buffy, and Anya. Those three are the greatest ever. The entire series is incredible. I’m not sure what else I can say. If by chance I didn’t address something you want to see, then let me know. Until then, enjoy life and watch Buffy/Angel!

Edit: Here’s the updated lists to now include Angel characters and relationships and stuff. Plus I’ll give scores so that it’s more accurate.

Top 10 Characters:
1. Angel: Okay, he got even better! Same stuff as up there but he became so much more compelling, if that’s even possible. I don’t even have words. See my latest post “Angel” to see why. 10/10
2. Anya: Same reason, she didn’t appear in Angel, so nothing new here. 9.9/10
3. Cordy: I thought I loved Cordy before, but oh my goodness I was so wrong. Cordelia experiences some of the most apparent and important growth of any character and becomes the biggest sweetheart in the entire show. She’s caring and selfless and wicked powerful. I love her sooooo much. 9.89/10
4. Buffy: Same as above. Now that I’m rewatching Buffy, I’m liking her even more. She’s so witty and relateable. She’s still my only choice for Angel, and vice versa. She’s wonderful. 9.7/10
5. Willow: I’m liking her even more than before too. Plus now I’m like Willow/Oz a lot as well. They’re so adorable together, and I love Willow’s sweet heart and wit. Plus she becomes one hell of a badass witch. She even battled a goddess on Angel and won! Plus she restored his soul. Aw, I love you Willow! 9.7/10
6. Fred: I didn’t think I liked her as much as I did until she died. Her final moments were so tragic, and she was also a big sweetheart, just minus the Cordelia charm and she isn’t as badass as Cordy. Plus, her choice of Gun over Wesley is just… no. We don’t go there. 9.5/10
7. Wesley: I thought he was a twit on Buffy, and he was. But on Angel, he grows into such an awesome character who loves, fights evil, is super intelligent, and has one of the saddest archs I know. I love you Wesley, and I’m so sorry for your loss. 9.2/10
8. Giles: Giles is also growing on my this time around. He pisses me off a lot with his scorning of Buffy’s activities, but man he is a lot funnier this time! And I see him more as a father figure than before, which makes him essential to Buffy. 9.1/10
9. Lorne: Okay, he doesn’t do TOO much, but he’s always there to help. And he’s a riot and a half to me. Every time he hits a high note to fight some bad guys I crack up, and his ability to read people is crucial to Angel. I was sad to see him go. And his music/pop culture quips are to die for. He’s not higher because of his general lack of willingness to fight. He wasn’t always a team player. 9.0/10
10. Darla: She was shortlived, but man did she have an impact. I never would have guessed her story turned out the way it did, and she was probably the best used “minor” character ever. I loved her sass, he vulnerability, her attitude, her voice, and Julie Benz played her phenomenally. I’m shocked I feel she’s #10, but she is. 9.0/10

Honorable Mention: Faith. I don’t know where to put her, but her appearances on Angel really changed my opinion on her, and man did she change. I love her. 9.0/10

Top 10 Villains:
1. Glory: See above. Still my number one. 10/10
2. Drusilla: Same as above, but the fact that she re-sired Darla is just evil. I didn’t see her coming, and she is still the same fun, whacky villain, only she got more evil. 9.9/10
3. Angelus: His appearance on Angel turned him even more evil and diabolical, plus he had a lot more screentime via flashback. He killed the beast, and took pleasure in evil, he’s a great villain, and an essential one to both the good guys and the bad guys. 9.9/10
4. Lilah Morgan- Okay, for a lawyer, she was a total badass. Her smooth talking and willingness to deceive to get to the top is admirable in a villain. And she’s pretty funny. And her turn into a hero at the last second, somewhat against her will, really showed her position at Wolfram and Hart and made her a far more sympathetic character. And her death… I was shocked and I think I cried. 9.8/10
5. Mayor Richard Wilkins III: Okay, some as above, but I enjoy him a lot more the second time around. 9.6/10
6. Illyria: She’s kind of a villain, kind of not. I’m glad she chose to become more human, also against her will, but she killed Fred which makes her diabolical. And she looks really freaking awesome. Plus her Anya-esque confusion with the world is sweet. But man, I have to say, her powers made her kind of a badass. 9.5/10
7. Dark Willow: Same as above. I just think she’s a perfect villain for Buffy to face. If there was anyone Buffy cared for more than anything else, it might be Willow. Plus her powers are insanely cool. 9.5/10
8. Lindsey and Eve: Eve is a fun character, if not a skanky ho. But I did enjoy her appearances, and her role in bringing Lindsey back several times is a nice way to bring things back around. Lindsey was far more important than I ever thought, but he was a little dry. 9.2/10
9. Connor: Man, I hate Connor with such a passion it’s ridiculous, mostly because of his hatred of Angel. He got redeemed in the end, but I still hated his opposition to Angel and sinking him to the bottom of the ocean. I loved baby Connor and was sad to see him go, but teen Connor just pissed me off and not in a good way. 8/10
10. The First: See above. Diabolical, but kinda lame for not being corporeal. And he almost made Angel kill himself, which was NOT cool! I love Angel! Loses points mainly for being almost all talk and no bite. He only does evil through others, which is evil, but not at the same time. Know what I’m saying? 7.5/10

Top 10 Deaths:
1. Angel: See above
2. Anya: See above
3. Cordy: I bawled! I thought she was gonna live and the delivery was just so crushing. She went out with on last hoorah and she was one of my most beloved characters. I couldn’t function for a little while. I was devastated.
4. Fred: Expertly handled death. I have to say, I cried when she died on two separate occasions because of her importance to the group and the avoidability of it and the takeover by Illyria, all of Wesley’s stuff, her parents coming to visit and not finding out, definitely a tragic, tragic death.
5. Wesley: When the damn red demon stabbed him, I was in shock and really sad. But what really got me was Illyria coming in and holding him and not only admitting to feeling grief, but also for her turning back into Fred to give him a proper send-off, in his love’s arms. And Illyria breaking the news to Angel? Ugh… soul crushing.
6. Joyce: See above.
7. Darla: This one caught me completely off guard. Her speech about the baby being the one good thin she ever did right before she stakes herself to save Connor is just tragic and noble. Her whole arch was so good. It was sad to see it end.
8. Lilah: She grew to love Wesley, and even though it wasn’t a good relationship, I think they genuinely did get to the point where they did love each other. Plus it was intense seeing Cordelia/Jasmine kill her as she ran away through the hotel. And Wesley having to decaptiate her. Poor Wesley, and poor Lilah 😦
9. Tara: See above.
10. Buffy: She got resurrected a few times, but it didn’t hit me as much because I knew she was coming back. Still, the looks on everyone’s faces when she died (both times) are horrible to look at. Man, I can just remember Willow in “The Gift.”

I won’t do the others because this is really long, and not much would change. I think all of season 5 of Angel was great, so probably stuff in there would be added to the episodes list, but now I honestly can’t choose. Sorry. As for relationships, maybe I can do that one.

Top 10 Relationships:
1. Buffy and Angel
2. Cordy and Angel
3. Anya and Xander
4. The Scoobies
5. Angel and Fred and Gunn and Lorne and Wes and Cordy
6. Fred and Wes
7. Willow and Tara
8. Willow and Oz
9. Angel and Darla
10. Fred and Gunn

Okay that’s all. Talk to me about all this if you’d like. I’d love to discuss this stuff.


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