To The Brim Part 2

If you read and remember last week’s post, I said that my week was super jam packed with stuff and that it didn’t feel like a week; it felt like one continual day. Well that day decided to stay going right up until this weekend. I think the day is finally over. But that doesn’t mean my week wasn’t jam packed full of stuff, cause it was! So now, I have to write about it of course. So it won’t take on the same kind of format as last week’s post, but I have some other things to talk about or update everyone on.

The first of these things is in relation to my newspaper crisis. Long story short, crisis averted. Narrowly. For the more in depth version, here you go. I actually managed to finish one story in two days with only four drafts, which is a record for me. That was because I ultimately settled on not getting interviews for it because it was a story that wouldn’t utilize interviews well, and there were just no interviews available, even though I asked around a lot. It was a story about psychology and liking things. My findings were more specific, even though I had originally wanted to go general. I wanted to know why people felt a like for anything at all. What actually happens in the brain? A release of certain chemicals? Why do those chemicals have those effects? Why are those effects pleasurable? Stuff like that. Instead, I found stuff like changing the name of a food can make it taste better, or the order in which the food is served. I also did a little about music. I found that people listen to music that fits their personality more deep down. Heavy metal listeners weren’t actually that tough and mean and stuff. I’d like to look at it more and see how it worked out the way it did, but ultimately music is a highly personal subject, which is why it can unite and divide people so much. People defend it like their life. Have you seen me with Carrie Underwood? It’s like a further version of myself, if that makes any sense. This is all simple information and not the entire story at all, but I found it fascinating. So more back to the story thing, we have this thing called layout the week before the paper is printed to finish everything. It typically lasts from 5-8pm every night of the week. I have theater every day from 3-5. So that means every weekday of the past week I was in the school building from about 7:30-7:30. That’s a 12 hour workday for me at least. It was madness. They call it hell week for a reason. I won’t say what the other story was, but I managed to finish it on Friday of layout at about 7:00 which was like lifting a mountain from my shoulders. I just wanted my two-week-long-day to end. And now it really has. I hope I don’t speak too soon. This upcoming week may be more troublesome as well, but I don’t think so.

I’ll also say some things I forgot to talk about in my last post. So this is older news, but some of you probably don’t know about it all. So one thing was the CMAS testing that was for seniors. Most seniors didn’t show up at all. I was one of them. Now I’ve been summoned to go take them during my off hours. But guess what? I won’t be doing that. I understand that it may benefit teachers, and it would be easier, and there are other ways of protesting it, but I see it this way. I’m not trying to equate the actions of my peers and myself to her, but I think of Rosa Parks. It would have been in her best interest to just move to the back of the bus and not get arrested. It would have saved time and money. But she took the hard way because she knew change had to happen. Maybe she could have written letters, but what are the odds that the government would listen to her letter? I’ve seen other students writing letters. But I really don’t think that’ll do anything at all, even if they attend the test and blow it off. That’s still playing by their rules and giving them what they want. That isn’t putting any strain on them. For Rosa Parks, she organized the boycott and that put economic strain on the system, forcing change. Now imagine if she went and sat at the back of the bus and wrote a letter to the bus drivers and the city and all that. Would she be taken seriously? I don’t think so, but I can’t say for certain because that’s not what she did. I think that’s why we shouldn’t take the test at all. We should put that strain on the city or state or whatever, and bring the ball into our court, not put it in theirs. But who am I to say so? What are my qualifications? I’m just an ignorant 17 year old student fueled by passion. Take my words however you like. Words without action though are just words. I’m living up to my words in this sense, and I’ll deal with the repercussions, whatever they may be for this stupid standardized testing.

Another thing that is fairly important to mention is that on Halloween, I called 9-1-1 for the first time. Why? Because my mom fell down the stairs and fractured three ribs. She couldn’t walk or move without grunting in pain and agony. I was all alone in the house at 11 at night, and my mom was screaming and I didn’t know what to do or how serious it was, so I followed my instincts and called the paramedics in. She didn’t go with them, but they predicted some fractured, maybe a punctured lung, and they were right. That’s what happened. It was really scary for me because I didn’t want to call the paramedics for something that didn’t need them, but I also didn’t want to leave her condition to chance. She’s doing better now, but she still has some pain.

The other thing that has been infesting my mind non stop is, of course, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sorry guys, I just have to talk about it! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!! the show so much. Last time I wrote I was on season 2, episode 15. The last episode I watched was season 4, episode 3. That means I’ve finished season 2 and 3, and I have got a ton to say. If you don’t want any spoilers or to listen to my ranting about different things, then go ahead and skip this paragraph. Okay, so I left off my last post with Angel just losing his soul. It turns out that in one episode, I got cheated out of the second half of the episode. That episode happens to be the episode that Angelus kills Jenny Calendar in for trying to translate the spell that restores Angel’s soul into English. I read the summary so I could continue watching the series. I gotta say, I liked Jenny. She was cool and made Giles happy and was nice to the kids and could help Angel and I would’ve been more sad if I’d had to watch it happen than having to read about it. So then I just BAWLED my freaking eyes out for 45 minutes when in the season 2 finale Buffy had to kill Angel and send him to hell. Not Angelus, but Angel because Willow had restored his soul right as a portal to hell was opening and could only be sealed by the blood of the person who opened it. Angelus opened it, got his soul restored, and Buffy had to stab him with a sword and send him to hell. I lost it. I lost it SO hard. Then I went and listened to Buffy and Angel’s theme on YouTube and really started bawling. They are so perfect for each other. I love them together so much. I’ll talk about it more in a planned upcoming post after I finish the whole series. But what made the situation worse was when I was nearly done weeping and ready to sleep. I turned on my music, and what should come on but four or five love songs in a row. I just started bawling again! The songs were “When You Really Loved Someone” by Agnetha Faltskog, “I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton/Whitney Houston (I don’t remember which version, I have them both), “Endless Love” by Shania Twain and Lionel Richie, and “Someday When I Stop Loving You” by Carrie Underwood. Look up the lyrics to those songs and you’ll see why they made me cry even more. I told myself if “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri came on, I would totally lose it and probably have to turn it off. There may have been another one, but it was 8 days ago, I can’t remember EVERYTHING. So now I have the entire season three to rant about.

SPOILERS STILL HERE/RANT STILL GOING. That’s just for people who want to skip this part. So season 3. It was a really intense season I have to say. The entire show is intense, but I think this might be the most angsty one I’ve seen yet. Season 2 was really good, and so was season 3. But season 3 was more angsty like I said, like it felt like a lot more was at stake, like they were dancing on the tip of a knife. Anyway, so most of this will be about Angel and Buffy again, but there is more I want to say. The first few episodes Buffy is dreaming about Angel and it just shows how sad she is, which made me sad. Then when she finally “makes her peace” by putting the ring Angel gave her in the place he died, who should pop out of thin air but Angel! To be honest, I knew it was coming (thanks Pivot) but I was still excited! I mean, now Angel and Buffy can be together right? Well turns out spending a couple hundred years in hell makes a person feral. Vampires could be there just fine. But a vampire with a restored soul? Mmmm, not so much. Buffy found him and chained him up and helped him get better, or tried. Then a monster almost kills Buffy, but Angel comes in and kills the monster. He turns to Buffy as a vampire, and then recognizes her! He kneels in front of her and their song plays and I almost cry and Buffy cries and Angel cries and I’m just a wreck. Now they can be together! Well essentially, Buffy wants to help him get better, but that won’t quite work with him being so weak and on edge. So she keeps him secret and sees him to get him strong and sane again. Also, Faith comes into the picture, the new slayer after Kendra is killed by Drusilla. That was sad, but I wasn’t that sad. Buffy didn’t appear that sad because the police interrupted her. Anyway, Faith is there. A new watcher is sent for Faith as her old one was killed, and it turns out this new watcher is an evil one. Xander saw Buffy kissing Angel, but Buffy says they can’t do that because it’ll lead to him losing his soul again. So Xander has to go be an enormous, excuse my language, dick about the situation and act like Buffy is this awful person for seeing Angel behind their backs and not telling anyone. By the way, Xander is also secretly dating Willow while dating Cordelia, and Willow is dating Oz. So hypocrite much? Xander makes the situation a ton worse and makes Buffy feel awful for seeing her true love. So when the evil watcher knocks out Giles? It’s Angel’s fault apparently, and Faith and Xander and the evil watcher go to kill Angel. Luckily, Angel lives long enough for Buffy to come save him. Faith and Buffy fight, the evil watcher gets a demonic glove that can shoot lightning, and essentially, they fight the watcher and kill her before anything gets too bad. Everyone lives, and Angel is no longer the enemy of Faith. Next episode Spike comes back and kidnaps Willow and Xander because he wants Willow to cast a love spell on Drusilla, who broke up with him. He runs into Angel and Buffy on the way to magic store, and they fight these old Spike goonies in the magic store. In the magic store, Spike is all like “You can’t be friends! You love each other. Love isn’t something that can just be turned on and off. You feel it or you don’t. I know you feel it. You can try to be friends, but you will never be just friends.” I paraphrase, but that’s pretty much what he says. They realize he’s right, and at the end of the episode, Buffy says Spike was right and they love each other, but they can’t be with each other, so she will never see him again. WHAT?!?!?! No!!!! By the way, Oz and Cordelia go to save Willow and Xander, but walk in on them kissing, so Cordelia runs out, falls through the stairs and gets impaled by a rusty bar. She nods off and the next scene is of a funeral, so I started to cry that Cordelia died, but then Buffy says Cordelia is okay in the emergency room. Cruel trick! Needless to say, Cordelia breaks up with Xander, Oz breaks up with Willow. So now essentially everyone is broken hearted. Buffy and Angel are strictly business and avoiding each other. A cool episode where Cordelia wishes Buffy never came to Sunnydale and everyone dies happens. Willow and Xander are vampires serving the Master, ultimately killed by Buffy and Oz. Angel gets staked by I think it was Xander. Buffy gets her neck snapped by the Master. As that all happens, Giles crushes Anya’s necklace and reverses it all, and Anya becomes human, and nobody is dead! Hooray! By the way, Anya is a new demon in town, but is human now. Then Angel is tormented by the First Evil who apparently sent him back from hell. It convinces Angel that he needs to kill Buffy or kill himself, and since he can’t kill Buffy, he tried to kill himself by standing on a hill waiting for the sun to rise. Buffy and him have a heart to heart and they realize the need each other and love each other, and it starts to snow and they love each other and they’re back together and I’m ecstatic! Some important stuff happens that I found cool/sad/etc. but I’ll move on to the next big one.

Faith kills a man accidentally and goes off the deep end. Everyone makes a big fuss driving her insane and she goes and becomes allies with the mayor, who wants to make himself into a pure demon. It’s really sad, cause I kinda liked her. She saves Buffy when Buffy goes to try and convince her to not go crazy. Then it gets really twisted. A few episodes go by, and the mayor summons a demon to drain Angel of his soul. So Faith and Angelus capture Buffy, and Faith reveals her entire plan to Buffy, but it turns out that Angel never had his soul taken and they beat up Faith causing her to run away. But Buffy is wary of Angel, because she saw him acting like Angelus and making out with Faith. It was acting, but it disturbs her a little. So the next big one is when Buffy wants to take out the mayor before his ascension, and loses Willow in the battle, who becomes captured and kills a vampire by floating a pencil, the one magic trick she can do. I thought that was funny. Anyway, Buffy gets away with a box containing demon spider things that kill people. They trade the box for Willow, but the governor talks to Angel and tells him that Angel can’t offer Buffy anything. When Buffy is fifty and Angel is still the same age, it’ll be weird. He can’t have sex with her, they can’t go in the sun, there are a lot of limitations on their relationship. They brush it off and say he’s the bad guy. But secretly, Angel thinks he’s right. In the next episode, Buffy’s mom tells Angel that she likes the two of them, but that Buffy needs to focus on her own duties and he shouldn’t get in the way. She says Buffy is just an eighteen year old girl, and she won’t be able to make the hard choice if it comes down to it, and that Angel will have to if it comes to it. So prom is coming up and they’re hunting together, Buffy and Angel, and they go into the sewers where Angel says that he can’t offer Buffy what she deserves and breaks up with a day or two before prom. So Buffy cries and is distraught and Angel is heartbroken and they’re not together anymore. Then he says that he’s leaving town so the temptation isn’t there. He’ll stay for the ascension of the mayor, and then leave without saying goodbye. So Buffy goes to prom and gets an award for class protector on behalf of her class and it’s really heartwarming. Then she talks to Giles and says that people are surprising, and Giles looks behind Buffy and Buffy turns around and Angel is standing there in his suit so Buffy can have her perfect high school moment. They dance together, but Angel says nothing has changed. I almost cried because I want them together so badly. Next episode Faith poisons Angel with “vampire killer poison” that can only be cured with slayer blood. So Buffy fights Faith with the intention of killing her. They fight, and Buffy stabs Faith with her own knife, but Faith jumps off the roof onto a truck to get away, and she’s presumed dead. So Buffy goes to dying Angel and makes him feed off of her blood, almost killing Buffy. Buffy and Faith are in the same hospital, and Faith is in a severe coma, likely never waking up. The mayor is distraught over Faith’s death and tried to kill Buffy, but Angel saves her. The last episode of season three, they fight the mayor as a giant worm monster, who manages to eat principal Snyder, who is a pain in the ass, which I actually supported. They end up killing him, but in the aftermath of the battle, Buffy sees Angel and they look at each other and Angel walks away into the smoke. So now they’re out of high school and Buffy and Angel are broken up and I’m just saying to myself that Buffy and Angel NEED to be together. It HAS to happen. I won’t say anything about season 4 yet since it has nothing to do with Angel at this point, and it hasn’t been THAT exciting yet. Actually, she finds a ring that makes vampires invisible after defeating Spike who was wearing it, and says that Angel should have it. Maybe he’ll get it and they can be in love forever? Please? I don’t know. I just really love Angel and Buffy.

Okay, so that was a lot of ranting about Buffy and Angel. Sorry! I really just get little bits of anxiety when I think they aren’t together. I’ll say more about it after I’ve finished the series and know what happens. But until then, I’ll just leave you with the statements I’ve already made. Angel and Buffy forever! Ugh, I want to write about it now. So that’s been my week. Really crammed with stuff. School, theater, newspaper, Buffy, sleep. That was my life this past week. Thanks for hanging with me!


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