River of Thought

Because I missed last week’s post, I’ll post this one today. This prompt is designed so I write non-stop for ten minutes, (though I’m writing this as an “edit” because I didn’t say everything I wanted to say, so I’m amping it up to twenty minutes, mmm nevermind, thirty) writing everything that pops into my head. No filter. So I am going to start this now.

Ok, what to write about? Well I was just checking Facebook, and was happy to see Carrie Underwood plastered all over it until I read the headlines. I mean, it was kinda mixed feelings. The headlines were talking about her new song, awesome by the way, you should go listen to it. “Something in the Water” it’s called. Anyway, the headlines were saying that she was getting a lot of flack for daring to be herself by the far left liberals. Not all liberal atheists, the more extreme activist ones. Don’t think I necessarily share the same train of thought as what I read. When the 10 minutes are up, I’ll post links at the bottom. Anyway, they were talking about how Carrie was being criticized by people for showing herself as a Christian. It just frustrates me so much. The same extremists, if they can be called that, preach equality for ALL, but then go and try to censor Carrie for showing who she is. If it were a song about being a lesbian, they would be all over it, but praising her for being herself. It is just as bad to admit being Christian as it is to being gay, or any number of things. This is coming from a high school student, where my guess is that 75-80% of the people in that building are atheist or anti-Christian in some manner. I will repeat, that I am not attributing this to ALL people, only the applicable people, so if it doesn’t apply to you, I’m not talking to you. I’m trying not to lump you all together, and I realize you don’t try to lump all Christians together. But some people do. And people need to realize that there is just as much discrimination against Christians as other groups. It doesn’t take place the same, but it’s still there. Not once in high school have I ever learned about Christian values. It’s an entirely God-less place, except for in history courses, where it’s talked about people being Christian, but doesn’t actually talk about what they believe. I do find that acceptable though. It’s history. The point is though, is I’m just as out of place as an atheist would be in catholic school. It’s not all a bad thing, it’s just uncomfortable, which can be both beneficial and harmful thing.
That all being said, I feel like I’m probably coming off as far right extremist Christian man. No, in fact according to a test I took, I am a moderate, slightly left leaning it said. I am a Christian, but at the same time, I do take liberal ideas sometimes. Like I am a bit more fiscally liberal while socially conservative. I think marijuana should be legalized, not encouraged. I think gun control is stupid. I think that the helpless poor SHOULD be taken care of, but the lazy poor shouldn’t. In that same category, you shouldn’t be able to live off of welfare, because then you have no motivation to contribute anything at all. I think it should be more free, and poor should live on donations and their own work ethic (and God, though lots won’t), and on the flip side, the rich need to be less greedy. End the greed, end the need is a cool little slogan I just thought of. I could go on, but I think that might bore some people, maybe offend some. Sorry if I somehow offend you, but it’s me. Don’t like me? Don’t read me.
Back to Carrie Underwood. I fully support her. She is exercising her freedom of religion, and while it can be said that the activists are exercising freedom of speech, I agree. It’s just hypocrisy in other areas of their lives. So I love Carrie’s new song. It combines everything I could want in a song. Christian, country, powerful voice, dynamic range, soft and powerful, compelling music, etc. The message behind it can be identified with, Christian or not. I am fully involved in atheist culture, and I find lessons to be learned from that too. I can learn from gay people. They are open and honest about who they are, regardless of potential criticism, which is wrong too. You shouldn’t make fun or be rude to gay people because they’re different than you. They are humans, and they are children of God, and deserved to be treated as such. There are so many more effective ways to talk to them about being gay than saying “God hates gays” (false) or anything like that. Love. That is what is preached in the Bible, so that is what should be preached in real life. Not only preached but PRACTICED! I could learn that too, because I’m fairly “out-of-the-closet-Christian”, but I still hide it sometimes! There is a lesson to be taken from everything. So listen to the song and if you don’t share her beliefs, appreciate the music. Or if you don’t do either, appreciate her openness about her faith, in the same way you probably share a passion for your own faith. We don’t have to hate each other because we’re different. God made us all different intentionally, or if you don’t believe in God, we have different genes and DNA and have different experiences and all that stuff, so we’re all different.
So that was a pretty long talk about something so simple. What else pops into my head right now? I’m really thinking about “Something in the Water”, but I’m also just thinking oddly about the musical I’m doing, and the first person that came to mind was Audrey as Olive, and then Austin as Barfee. So now I’m thinking about why I thought of them first. Who knows? Maybe they’re the best in my eyes? I don’t know, maybe they have the most lines and I remember them best. Oy, train of thought. Now I am reminded about almost drawing a train in my AP Lit class today, but then decided to change it to a ship with a mermaid on the front. Now I’m thinking of the Little Mermaid because I made her look like Ariel, but also of Sinbad because I remember the sirens in the water and the woman on the front of the ship. I miss that movie and the giant ice-bird. I felt bad when it died. I don’t know what to write now. My mind is just thinking about what to write. I saw alcohol, but I don’t want to, so I won’t. I just heard swords clash from my brothers Kindle. Oh! So many different paths to take! Brother? Kindle? Swords? I don’t know. I’m thinking of my brother and then about a conversation I had with a friend last Saturday relating to him and now I’m just in a bit of a crunch, because I feel a mixture of love and conviction and annoyance all at once, and probably a hint of rebellion because I don’t want to do what I know is right. Ugh, it’s so hard to be human! Oy, I don’t know what to do. I think I repeat myself too often, but talking about love is just what I like to do. Maybe it supplements me when I feel I have none, or when I have it all. As nasty as it is, no filter, I think about something my English teacher once said last year about writing about your emotions. He called it, God forgive me for repeating this, “mental masturbation”. Maybe it isn’t that bad, but I just think that word is so dirty and nasty. I apologize.

Perfect time to end. That’s been thirty minutes, not including the beginning and this paragraph. I kind of wish I had done more randomness, but I guess I had to follow my train of thought. Maybe I’ll do a part two! More random hopefully. I hope you enjoy, and below I will put the article and the song by Carrie Underwood, so you can see where I’m coming from at least a little. The video is on that page. So much respect for Carrie in light of this all. Have a nice day!



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