Something In the Water

This could not have gone any better. It’s a moment of perfect syzygy. I learned that word from listening to my school’s cast of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”, which for those to which it is applicable, costs $10 and is showing Tuesday through Saturday, October 21-25, at 7 pm in McNeal Auditorium, FCHS. Tickets available at the door, but you have to reserve tickets now, because they’re already selling. Go to to order them. Anyway, back to syzygy. I learned from the show that it means “when the earth aligns with the moon and the sun”. Otherwise known as not TOO often. It’s amazing what you can learn from having fun. So this morning/yesterday evening an amazing song came out by the greatest artist ever. It’s called “Something In the Water” by Carrie Underwood. I am placing a link at the bottom of the page so you can share in my ecstasy.

Anyone who knows me or reads my stuff knows how much I love Carrie Underwood. The last album she put out was in 2012, and now it’s the end of 2014. Her new album is a greatest hits album, but with some new singles too. The first one is this. It was announced last week that she had a surprise. On Friday, she announced a greatest hits album, with a sneak peek of Something In the Water. I didn’t find the sneak peek until Saturday. Once I heard it though, the five seconds of preview of the chorus, I was instantly in love. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday night when her Facebook page said it was out, and I scrambled everything to try and get it from iTunes to hear the whole thing. It was the one time iTunes was being stupid for me. So I resorted to YouTube. Luckily, I found a video of it. Every video I watched of it last night was taken down for copyright issues. I was talking to a friend of mine on Skype, and after I got that news, there was a good twenty minutes of me just stumbling around with words trying to contain myself. I was literally hyperventilating trying to put my emotions into words. I was SOOOOOO happy. The song is so beautiful. I wish it had come out sooner, but I cannot complain. The song is amazing. It’s a song about baptism essentially, but her voice is just incredible. So much power in the song. I’ve been obsessing over it all day. Words here cannot even describe how awesome I feel and felt last night. The song is that good for me.

To me, the song spoke not generally, but personally. I get the impression that she is singing about her own life and her own baptism. I assume it’s happened, as a Christian woman, though I don’t know for 100% certain. There is reason to believe it though, as she married a Christian man, and he testifies for her, she’s starred in a Christian movie, she’s written/performed Christian music, she exhibits Christian values, etc. That’s beside the point though. Having that personal touch adds to the emotion of the song, and makes it so much more emotional and easy to listen to. I don’t listen to it and think, “She’s such a liar and hypocrite.” I listen and I am just awe-struck. The power of God is so evident in this miraculous piece of art. I love it.

I hope every Christian is able to listen to this song and even if Carrie isn’t their favorite, realize the lyrical magnitude of this song and the melodic power and just how great this song is, and feel her faith, and their own faith. I hope every non-Christian can listen to it and bask in the wonder that is Carrie’s voice and the powerful music supporting her. Have I said I love it yet? I don’t think I have. I love the song. I love the song. I love the song. I LOVE THE SONG!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Oy, this song. I love it by the way.

This post has been pretty superficial, but I don't know how else to write this. It taps into my emotions, and probably Carrie's emotions, so maybe it isn't that superficial. But still, I was wondering if maybe I could twist the title to mean something in my own life. I don't have anything I can think of that I haven't already described. Mexico water? See my Mexico post. Loving rain? See my rain post. I don't know. Maybe I can do something about Colorado water because it is the best I've ever had. That can lead into why Colorado rocks. So I guess I'll do that for a little bit.

Why I love Colorado/Fort Collins/Loveland:
1. First off, the water of course. It tastes divine. It is better than bottled water. I have had water in the north east, I've had water in California, and I've had bottled water in Mexico, because I don't really want to drink from the tap of where I was. The water here is just so pure! It's better than bottled water. Nuff said.

2. People. I can say a lot of things about the people around me in high school, but I'm pretty sure that's not true of only Colorado. High schoolers are high schoolers no? But really, I say people not because I've had an overt amount of good experiences, but rather a lack of bad ones. There is a courtesy when talking to shop workers and such. People will let you pet their dog, it's generally a pretty healthy society in that sense.

3. Small town. My area of town is in a suburb. It's not a town exactly, but not a city. However, in both Fort Collins and Loveland, there is an Old Town, and both rock my socks. That old time vibe mixed with new time products and stuff, and even old antique stuff, we have access to a sub-culture that is remarkable and exciting and heartwarming. Can't resist an old town charm. There is also history behind it! All the buildings are the originals (mostly). The wires and stuff has of course been changed, but the architecture has survived since the late 1800s, if not earlier.

4. Big city. We are 45-60 minutes away from Denver, the largest city in the vicinity. It's size and population are the largest in the entire region. It's a cultural hub, essentially acting like a mini New York City. This gives access to big name store brands, sporting events, concerts, political activism, all the excitement that comes with a big city is present in Denver. Not to mention it has the coolest airport I've ever been in, DIA, an international airport by the way. That may not be that impressive, but I bet you wouldn't expect that out of little ol' Colorado.

5. MOUNTAINS! Where I live is literally like fifteen minutes from the foothills. This means so many things. It means we can drive to a reservoir and have a beach day and kayaking and river rafting. It means we can go hiking whenever we want. It means in the fall, we can go sit on a mountain and look at the majesty of the Rockies. It means that in the winter, we can cut down our own trees for Christmas. It means that we can hunt in our backyards practically. It means we can mountain bike, rock climb. It means we can drive up to Estes Park and spend the day in an old town not unlike our own, but with it's own perks. It means skiing and snowboarding. It means retreats are so easy.Seriously though. Mountains.

6. Weather. We have four seasons. There is next to nothing you can do anywhere else that we can't do here. We have the snow for all the winter sports. We have the hear for all the summer sports. We have lakes for swimming. You have prairie? Oh, so do we. How about desert? Oh yeah, you been down to the sand dunes? You seen a glacier? Well technically no, but I've scaled these fourteeners to the top, does that count? Oh, you have tornadoes? Yeah, maybe a few here, but not often. You get earthquakes? How unfortunate. Hurricanes? I'd like to see them try. Drought? Ok yeah we get that. Blizzard? Yeah that too, but we are prepared for it and make it into the best snow day ever! We get rain and sun too. It's got the best of all worlds.

7. While not the most ethnically diverse, we do offer a bit. We aren't no California or Georgia, but CSU brings a lot of world students. We have a lot of Hispanic and Asian people here. No, not California level Hispanic, or New York City level Asian, but still. We could be worse.

I'll cap it at 7, cause it's a lucky number right? Ok, well there is why Colorado is the bomb diggity. Who wants some of that water now?

Alright well this post is a weird one, but enjoy! Listen to the song listed below and let me know what you think of it. Tell me what you love about where you live. Until next time!


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