Dream Wedding

I haven’t been able to shake this the past week or so, though the idea hit me a couple weeks ago probably. I hesitated to post something like this for fear of offending people, while nothing I intend to say is offensive. As the title suggests, this post will cover my dream wedding. For the sake of the post, I will describe my ideal wedding purely as it applies to me, meaning it won’t contain guests from the wife’s side of the family, music she likes, etc. Presumably, if I were to get married today, this is how I would want it to be, and again, this is purely from my perspective, so bridesmaids and the maid of honor will be selected to me, though in the wedding I will eventually have, it won’t be that way since she will obviously choose her own bridesmaids and maid of honor. My fear of offending people stemmed from selecting people over other people for certain roles, but I don’t think there is anything to be fearful of there, since it will have to happen some day, and it quite frankly isn’t about them anyway, or maybe they’d be embarrassed or something, but that doesn’t matter, cause I’m going to do it anyway, cause I think it will be fun, particularly for me. I’m even posting early, that’s how exciting I am for this. Without further delay, let’s jump right in. Fair warning, I will use names. If you don’t want to read the names or are fearful of getting/not getting a role or invitation, turn back now.

I’ll start with the guest list and “positions of honor” as I’ll call them. First things first, everyone gets a physical invitation, no digital crap, unless digital invitations are used for head count and stuff like that. I think that’s more endearing, and it is definitely more traditional. I don’t even know if digital wedding invitations is a thing. I sure hope not, unless used in the way I suggest. As for the positions, some of the younger ones will be tough, since I don’t know many young children, but I digress. The pastor who would marry the two of us, would be my youth pastor Matt Braggins. I presume that as a pastor he has the power to marry people, and I don’t know anybody else I’d prefer to marry me. It is, after all a dream wedding for a seventeen year old. Ok, let’s go with ladies first. Maid of honor. Ho hum, that’s a tough one. I’d have to give that role to Alexis Webb, another youth leader of mine. I know, everyone is older than me, but I don’t have a ton of friends my own age, so suck it up. You get maid of honor Lex, enjoy it! Bridesmaids. I’ll round out the bridesmaids with Stephanie Wickham, a youth leader of mine, Corie Ratzlaff, yet another youth leader, but fear not, that’s all the female youth leaders so no more. I have in mind three more bridesmaids: Gretchen Adams, a close friend for around three years now, Amber Austin, a good friend for I think five or six years now, and Katie McCollum, a friend I’ve only really known for a couple years, but I still would like her to be a bridesmaid. Now for the manly men. Best man would go to my close friend Carver Blackman, which would be an interesting situation under given circumstances I won’t repeat here, but if you have to know you can comb my other posts for why. Groomsman might be tough as well, even harder than the bridesmaids. I’ll try to get five groomsman like bridesmaids, if I can even gather that many. I’d choose Aaron Wickham, a youth leader again and mentor, everyone after that is gonna be tough. Is it possible to only have one groomsman? I don’t know, but I’ll throw in Sam Williams, a friend of mine, and I guess I’ll give Nathan Webb and Ben Ratzlaff two more positions as husbands of the bridesmaids and youth leaders. That’s four, but I don’t know if I have another. I guess I’ll settle for four, sorry!

That takes care of the “super stars” of the wedding I suppose. I’d definitely invite my parents and siblings, probably some extended family, living grandparents, of course my wife’s side of the family, and now it’s time to think of the more minor roles. By my choices available now, I’ll have to use other peoples’ kids to fill younger roles, since my brother is eleven and sister is fourteen. Hmmmm, I could have my four year old (maybe?) cousin Connor be the ring bearer if his family came, otherwise I’d probably give it to Matt’s five year old son, Grady. I have no idea how to spell his name, so I’ll go with that way. Hmmm, flower girl. I don’t have any young enough cousins to fill that role, my youngest female cousin I think is eight or so, and I want younger. Maybe Lex and Nate’s daughter Elliott could fill in. If I had to have ushers, my siblings could do that, and maybe some of the leaders kids if needed, but I don’t know! I feel kinda bad employing other people’s kids like that. Oh well. For a guest list, I’d invite Emily and Sarah from my youth group, Maya and Shushan and Miriam from their respective countries, Sierra, Jared, Amy, Kori, Kaiti, Cat, Kelsey, Natalie, Maddi, Bobbi Su, Mrs. A, Kate, Rebecca H., other Rebecca P., Josh, Patrick, Rachel, Michelle, Sommer, Kristan, Olivia, Cierra L., Krystal, Carole, Annika, Tyler, and that might be it. I haven’t met a lot of people that I’ll meet between now and the day I get married, and that’s only guests from my side. I want a big wedding, at least now I do. So I think that for now, that takes care of the guest list. Maybe some day when I do get married, it’ll be less work because I can come back and look at this post. I think ahead people, even though I anticipate things to change.

Now let’s talk about VENUE!!! Oh, this is one of my favorite parts. You see, I want an all naked wedding, so we have to be indoors… Just kidding, keep reading please. In all seriousness, I want a beach wedding ceremony. It would have to be a relatively flat beach, with an arbor of sorts that we’d stand under. Matt would be in the really shallow water, so he can’t wear shoes, and we’d be right on the edge. It would have to start just before the sun sets, so when we have the wedding kiss, the sun is just setting. That being said, it would probably be a summer wedding, but if its a beach it’s probably sunny most of the time, so any time of year would work as long as the sun is shining. My first guess on where would be somewhere in California, but if a lake beach would work better, a lake would work, though I am set pretty firm on a California or Florida beach wedding.

Now the reception. I have no idea what kind of food is served at weddings, but maybe I can break tradition. My dad makes the best steak I’ve ever had, so if I could somehow get a restaurant to cater with that steak, I’d do it. There would have to be fruit salad, probably a macaroni salad, I can’t even think of everything. We’d have cookies, an awesome wedding cake, no ice cream though because it’s probably summer and in California or Florida, meaning its hot. Ice cream and hot don’t mix terribly well, little science lesson for the day. I can’t even imagine up enough food, my inner fat person must be off duty today, but I want more food than what I have said. As far as drinks go, there will be a wine bar, though I won’t drink any alcohol. I’d stick to water probably.

Now for the music, because I have a million things I’d like to hear played there, but I bet everyone in attendance would be rioting by the end if I got half of this my way. Here goes nothing. There would be mostly country and pop music played, and not much of anything else, for an over arching theme. I’ll start with some classic party songs, silly or not. There has to be some organized dancing, so for that, I’d like the Cupid Shuffle, the Cha Cha Slide, Cotton Eyed Joe, and Gangnam Style. I don’t care what anyone says, Gangnam Style is still a thing and all of those are fun songs, even though I hear most people hate the Cotton Eye Joe, though I personally have a ball and a half listening/dancing to that song. For general dance music, I’d stick to classics almost exclusively. “Blow” by Kesha, “Applause”, “Poke Face”, “Bad Romance”, and “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga, “Roar”, “Teenage Dream”, “California Gurls”, “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”, “Hot ‘N Cold”, “Firework”, and “Part of Me” by Katie Perry, “I Wanna Go”, “Toxic”, “Ooh La La”, “Circus”, and “Womanizer” by Britney Spears, maybe even “Oops I Did it Again” and “Baby One More Time”. To save some time, I’ll just say Selena Gomez’s singles, since I want to move on. There is some more dance-y type music I have in mind, but I’ll talk about those in this next section, which is my “Country Pop” selection, comprising of Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain, and Taylor Swift’s old stuff mostly, though there is some Miranda Lambert, and Danielle Bradbery among others. I’m done with the “…” marks because those take too long to use for this stuff. By Carrie Underwood, I’d have Wasted, Jesus Take the Wheel, Some Hearts, The Night Before, Before He Cheats, Starts with Goodbye, Inside Your Heaven, All American Girl, Just A Dream, Get Out of This Town, Temporary Home, Songs Like This, Cowboy Casanova, Quitter, Play On, Mama’s Song, Undo, Someday When I Stop Loving You, Paradise City (cover), Good Girl, Blown Away, See You Again, Two Black Cadillacs, There’s a Place for Us, Ever Ever After, Keep Us Safe, and Remind Me. As you can tell, I love me my Carrie Underwood, and that selection alone covers fast and slow, every song type under the sun. Maybe not that much, but it’s a good one.

By Shania Twain, I’d choose Up, Ka Ching, I’m Gonna Getcha Good, Juanita, C’est la Vie, Waiter! Bring Me Water, In My Car, Man! I Feel Like a Woman, From This Moment On, Whatever You Do! Don’t, Honey I’m Home, Any Man of Mine, and a special one that I’ll address later. By Miranda Lambert: Automatic, Mama’s Broken Heart, The House that Built Me, and Heart Like Mine. Taylor Swift: Love Story, Teardrops on My Guitar, Mine, Red, Sparks Fly, Mean, The Story of Us, Enchanted, Fearless, You Belong With Me, A Place in This World, The Outside, and I’m Only Me When I’m With You. Danielle Bradbery: Heart of Dixie, Maybe it Was Memphis (cover), Born to Fly (cover), Who I Am (cover). Jane Dear Girls: Wildflower. Dolly Parton: Coat of Many Colors, Jolene, I Will Always Love You, Blue Smoke, Home. Martina McBride: This One’s For the Girls, Independence Day. That takes me out of of country pop and back into pop, though maybe not as much dance-y stuff. Adele: Rolling in the Deep, Set Fire to the Rain, Someone Like You, Skyfall. Ariana Grande: Problem, Popular Song, Put Your Heart Up, Break Free. Avril Lavigne: Smile, Alice, When You’re Gone, and while I like more of her stuff, some of it is a little profane so I’d stop there. Kelly Clarkson: My Life Would Suck Without You, Stronger, Because of You, Since You Been Gone. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey, and A Little Party Never Killed Nobody by Fergie. ABBA: Voulez-Vous, Mamma Mia, Waterloo, Money Money Money, Take a Chance on Me, and Dancing Queen. Miley Cyrus: Can’t be Tamed, Party in the U.S.A., 7 Things, Fly on the Wall, The Climb, and the infamous Wrecking Ball, which I find awesome in absence of the video. Frozen: Let it Go, For the First Time in Forever. One Direction: What Makes You Beautiful, One Thing, Kiss You, Best Song Ever, Story of my Life. Bridget Mendler: Ready or Not, Hurricane. Kelli Pickler: Best Days of Your Life. In This Life by Delta Goodrem. Lady Antebellum: I Run to You, Need You Now, Hello World, Looking for a Good Time. Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You. Journey: Wheel in the Sky, Eye of the Riger, Don’t Stop Believin’. Bon Jovi: You Give Love a Bad Name.

Now for that special song by Shania Twain and Lionel Richie. I like all the other songs. My favorite song is still by Carrie Underwood. But my all time favorite love song is Endless Love with Shania Twain. I would want it played twice that day, one where it was just me and my wife, the slow song that is “their song”, and another time I’d like to sing it to my wife. Conquering that stage fright would be a challenge, but we’ll see some day I guess. That song is just so beautiful I could listen to it forever.

That brings an end to this post. I’m not sure what else goes on at a wedding, but I am pretty sure I included everything except for bachelor(ette) parties, which may or may not happen, but either way, I don’t plan those! I know a lot of this won’t mean anything to you guys, but I enjoyed it so that’s what makes it worth it. I have fun imagining who would dance at the wedding and make a fool of themselves. I know I would, but I would like to believe some other people would too. I can honestly say I can’t wait to get married. I won’t rush into it, I’ll trust God with it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t look forward to that day. Thanks for reading!


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