Absolute Truths

This was suggested to me by a friend on Facebook, and ironically, it was also an essay I had to write at the start of my junior year, probably nine or ten months ago. I’m not a stranger to this subject, since in that paper I argued a point contrary to my actual thoughts, for ease of argument and in an effort to take bias out, since our task was to write essays from an unbiased perspective. Now though, I can have all the biases I want. So without further ado, I will make the claim that there are absolute truths out there.

In my essay (I’ll try to remember what was actually in it), which I no longer have since I wrote it on my school laptop and those have to be handed in over the summer, I argued that absolute truth did not exist. I argued from a subjective point of view, that since everyone’s brains interprets information differently, nothing is truly True. I gave the example that the sky is blue to all of us, and therefore that is absolutely true. However, I also refuted that by saying that blue is subjective, since blue is a color interpreted by the brain, and logically speaking, though it can’t be proven, our brains take things in differently and what I see as blue and another person sees as blue aren’t the same, so there is no definite color to the sky. I could also say that we interpret color because a substance absorbs every shade of light except for a certain color, which it reflects, and we see a reflection of that light, so technically the sky is every color but blue. Essentially, I split hairs to turn Truths into truths. However, the entire time I was writing it, I thought it to be paradoxical. If an absolute truth can’t exist, then wouldn’t it be accurate to say that it is absolutely True that absolute Truths don’t exist? Well now there is a problem because the world now exists in two different states at once, one where there is no absolute Truth, but the other saying that that fact is absolutely True, which then raised the question in my mind, “So are there absolute Truths or not?”. It depends on who you ask, subjectively, but at the same time, that leads to a sort of paradox I guess, or maybe its just some people living in denial.

Let me state what an absolute Truth is, before I go any further. An absolute Truth is a truth that you and I would think of, but it is true at all times for all people under any circumstances. Is it true that water boils at 100 degress Celsius? Yes. Is it absolutely true? No, because on another planet with a different atmosphere, water would boil at a different temperature. Then someone might ask, “Well, is it an absolute Truth to say that water boils at 100 degrees Celsius on Earth?” Not necessarily. Because an absolute truth is true in all cases no matter what, or is objectively true, the question is invalidated because the question limits itself to only Earth, meaning it excludes the rest of the universe, and therefore cannot be absolute Truth. This was basically my thought process for writing that paper.

However, now I would submit the only absolute Truth, which is God. God, as described in the Bible, is the only thing that is absolutely True. Everything he did in this universe is not absolute Truth exactly, because he is working “inside the box” if you catch my drift. To steal a metaphor from “The Truth Project”, God is light, and everything he does is light being shined through a window, or an altered version if you will, a refraction. God is the only thing that cannot change, and is eternal. He exists beyond our universe, because our universe inherently, and paradoxically, has no absolute truths. And by universe, I mean the material universe, that consists of everything we know of, which is why this goes against everything humans are inclined to think or believe, and is so difficult to grasp. God simply is. He has no beginning, no end, he cannot change, and he is limitless, and yet, he still exhibits human traits, or to be more accurate, we exhibit some of God’s traits. God isn’t a person, for lack of a better term, he is an entity, though the only truly accurate description of God is that he is God, and I don’t think that will help anyone understand him better, until they begin to understand the material things he is, if you know what I mean, like mercy and love and compassion etc.

God exists, whether any human being believes in him, as is the requirement of an absolute Truth, or an objective Truth. For people of different religions, their “God(s)” may be true to them, and they may even say that (s)(t)he(y) are objectively True. To remove bias for a moment, there are two options at stake for all religions. The first being that either none of the world’s religions are absolutely True, or I should say follow an absolutely True deity, and the second being that only one of them follows the (if present) absolutely True deity. God described by Christianity is not the same God described by Islam, and therefore either one of them is correct, or neither of them is correct, they cannot both be correct because they directly contradict each other. Now to place the bias back in place. God is simply there whether you believe it or not, because belief is subjective. I believe that Carrie Underwood is the best singer on the planet and nobody can take that away from her. However, I’m sure a lot of people don’t share that belief. However, Carrie Underwood is not God, and therefore cannot have any absolute Truth to her. People believe that Christians believe in God. Yes and no. Yes we believe in the anatomical, material worldly sense, but no because beliefs are subjective and God is objective. We are the subjective part, our flesh is, but God fills us with his Holy Spirit, which is why such such a paradox occurs, because two separate things with different traits exist together, just in different planes, if that makes any sense. I don’t have any specific data on hand, and that is my fault, but the Bible, the word of God, can be trusted to be as such, the word of God. It can be backed up by science, and archaeology and anthropology etc. To someone who doesn’t believe in God, which by the way doesn’t subtract from God’s existence since he exists separate from our beliefs, they may not trust the Bible. The Bible tells us God is objective, and God tells us that the Bible is his word, so it justifies itself inherently, but there are material ways of justifying it to. I’m going to be really bad here because I’m not going to give any specific examples that are separate from the Bible because I quite frankly don’t know any or have forgotten the ones I was aware of, but I will trust the words of those who do have examples when they say they have examples. You readers can choose to accept that or not, but I apologize for not having any concrete examples. It is one of my weaknesses, and it is something I am training in.

This whole subject stems off into a million other subjects that don’t directly correlate into this blog, so I will end it here. I hope I didn’t miss anything, but let me know if I did and I will come back and add to it. The plain and simple truth is that God is the only absolute Truth. Every other single thing isn’t. That is an immensely difficult concept to grasp for everyone, especially since we exist in a world separate from God, separate from eternity. The good news is that we can and will be a part of eternity when we die, all thanks to a man named Jesus.


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