Tiny Thorns

Today I feel like being a little more light-hearted, though I don’t know if that will be achieved by talking about my pet peeves. I’m running low on blog ideas right now, so if by chance anyone wants to suggest something, I’ll consider it. In the meantime, let’s get started.

1. Talking- Not all talking gets on my nerves, cause Lord knows I love talking, but what annoys me is when people talk when they’re not supposed to or not needed to. For example, I hate when people talk around me in school because it distracts me from the lesson, or when people just seem to talk to themselves because they go on and on and on over something menial. I’m no saint in these areas, don’t get me wrong, but it still annoys me when other people do it, and I don’t think I do it a lot, though I may be wrong.

2. Not Listening- To put it simply, I hate having to repeat myself for any reason. If someone doesn’t listen and asks “What?”, I can almost guarantee you that you will get a snarky response. I don’t like it, unless there is a plausible reason for them to be asking “What?”, like they didn’t understand me, which is possible especially over the phone or text message or something like that. I can handle a couple times, but if someone is always missing something and asking “What?”, that’s where it starts to annoy me.

3. “Whatever”- To me, it almost always means that they are done with a conversation and have nothing better say, and want the last word in. Personally, I don’t object to healthy debate, but when someone stomps away saying whatever, it conveys a few things to me. One, I’m not worth their time or energy, which is kind of rude to imply. Two, they’re somehow better or elevated for ending the argument. Three, they don’t care about what I’m saying and they never really did, which ties back in to number one. Four, it stops the conversation without really ending it, and I hate cliff hangers or unfinished things.

4. Unfinished Things- I can only focus on one thing at a time usually, and I really can’t switch from task to task very well, unless one task is completed. My brain works linearly, which means I can’t go from step one to step two unless step one is achieved in entirety. The exception might be writing my books, because sometimes I just have to get an idea onto paper before I forget it, and then I roll with it for a little bit. Overall though, like on tests, I hate moving on to the next question without knowing for sure the answer to a question, or at least selecting one that I think is right.

5. Stupid Questions/Thoughts- Some may say that there are no stupid questions or ideas or any of that, but I would beg to differ. I would also say there are two kinds of stupid. One kind is the funny kind that isn’t really stupid but everyone still calls it stupid, and the real stupid that comes from ignorance, lack of listening, or basically any absence of thought. I hope that clarifies the difference. Nobody is perfect on either one, including myself, but my goodness does it annoy me.

6. Criticism- I am open to criticism, but only if its given with love and a desire to help me out. Criticism, even if it could help, if its said with venom, I can’t handle it. It feels like nitpicking, not constructive criticism. Again, I am no saint, and I think I will just say it now. I do all of these things sometimes, but I am still annoyed by them.

7. Hypocrisy- Maybe this post seems a little hypocritical since I’m identifying things that annoy me that I also do, but that isn’t the idea. I know I do these things. Hypocrisy really bothers me though, and maybe this will bother some readers. But I hate when people practice differently than they preach. I do it sometimes, though I try really hard not to. If someone tells me that they’re bothered by something, they shouldn’t turn around and do it. I may end up indulging in hypocrisy as soon as this is posted, because I can guarantee you that I will make all these mistakes again. The one thing I can assure people of is that I don’t try to do it, which in my book is what makes the difference. Lying also ties in to this, since hypocrisy is just one form of lying and dishonesty.

8. “I Told You So”- I’m not bothered by being wrong about things, but what bothers me is when other people try to shove that in my face. My reaction to those things is “Ok, you’re right, I’m wrong.” But when other people take prideful action because of that, that’s what keeps me from giving in and admitting my wrongness. Their pride turns on my own pride.

9. Over Reaction- I get that everyone has times where they over react because of circumstances in life. What irritates me about it is when people expect you to understand what they’re going through without telling you what it is that’s bothering them. Like if someone snaps and doesn’t explain why, that feels unjustified to me, and it needs justification.

10. Arrogance- People who think they’re better at something than they really are, or are so full of themselves bug the crap out of me. It isn’t my responsibility to take them down a notch, but all I can say is that it bugs me when people brag about themselves unwarranted. Not that they should brag about their own abilities at all, but it adds a certain level of hypocrisy into the mix when they think they’re better than they are.

11. Ignorance- Similar to arrogance, I don’t like it when people claim something that isn’t researched. IF they state it as a fact. Hunches and guesses happen, but when someone gives an answer to a question or has an opinion on something without something to show for it, I am irritated.

12. Stereotypes- This is one of my biggest pet peeves. Stereotypes have affected so much of my life, and I can’t stand them. To see what I mean, you can look at my “Man Points” post or my “General Stereotyping: Why it is Stupid and Wrong” or “Double Standards: Black and White” posts, which all deal with stereotyping. I plan on making more of them too. I can’t even describe how awful it is to judge someone by the way they look. I am a young, white, male, American, high schooler, theatre kid, viola player who plays a lot of video games. Every one of those things, plus whatever else I am, including Christian. It bugs the hell out of me that I feel I can’t display so much about me because it might offend someone or I’ll get ridiculed because of it. Nobody deserves condemnation on a social scale for being who they are. I don’t agree with a lot of Miley Cyrus’s antics, but if she were right in front of me, I would treat her with the same basic respect and love that I believe every human being deserves no matter who they are.

To really hit it home, I am not a saint in any of these fields. I have stereotyped and said stupid stuff. I’ve been a hypocrite and lied. I’ve made ignorant and arrogant claims. Don’t anyone dare to say I’m being a hypocrite about any of this, because I make these same mistakes, and I am committed to changing these things in myself, because they are wrong and un-Godly. The only point to this post is to ask people to do the same. Thank you for reading.


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