Writing for Me

Today’s post will be about writing, because obviously I enjoy writing. I know I’ve made references to writing in my other posts, but I would like to dedicate an entire post solely to my own writing achievements, goals, etc. Currently, I am actually looking for reviews on my writing, so if something I mention sounds interesting to you, let me know and I’ll try to let you see all or some of that piece. In the meantime, just hang around and read about my writing.

I’ll start off by saying, in no way intentionally arrogant or conceited, but I’ve been told by numerous people that I’m an excellent writer, which is good for me to hear, because that’s what I want to do with my life. I want to write novels and plays and poems, maybe even movie scripts, and my planned major in college is creative writing. In my AP Language and Composition class, on the AP scale of 1-9 with 9 being the best, my very first essay was a 4, and another was a 5, but the majority of my essays through the year have been 7s and 8s, with a moderate amount of 6s, and 6s are considered adequate and good essays. Beyond that are advanced essays. Never gotten a 9, but that’s alright I guess. 8s are pretty much as good. Anyway, there are my qualifications, and now for my personal pieces which are much more fun to write.

NOTICE: All titles are temporary titles until I can find a better one.

Alafroth- This is my fantasy trilogy, taking heavy inspiration from series like Lord of the Rings and Eragon. I have written 218 pages of the first book, ~62,000 words, which is about 3/5 completion for a fantasy novel. I do plan to make it into a trilogy, and I have my “story skeleton” built, it’s just a matter of actually writing and revising it. I have been doing drastic alterations to the beginning because I started the story when I was around ten, so of course my writing was mediocre then. I have rewritten/revised the first 40 pages of it, and I also switched from past tense to present tense, so I am fixing all of that as I go along. As for content, here’s the basic storyline, which is similar to Eragon though not identical. Basically, a rebel “king” who was defeated once and thought dead returns to the world of Alafroth to finish his plans to seize rule of Alafroth. It follows the story of Halegorn, an elf (I love elves, I’m such a nerd), and his company as they rally the people of the world to fight against the rebel king, Arieson. I don’t really want to spoil anything, but what I feel makes mine unique and not a complete fanfiction or copy is that I have written my own history for it as I go along, it has new races not featured in other fantasy novels much, including some of my own design. If you’re interested in this, let me know, and I can explain more.

The Harrows- This is an odd one because I had originally intended it to be some kind of dystopian/sci-fi/fantasy novel, but after reading the Divergent series, I decided I wanted it to be more realistic and strictly dystopian. It’s not completely dystopian though, it is the story of tow Canadian twin brothers who are living in Canada under the United States’s control. The United States is adding more and more rules, and they are sucked into a plot to drive America out of Canada with the help of two female agents from Russia and England. Again, no spoilers, but some background. I liked the original start of the first draft, so I scrapped everything after the start and eliminated anything remotely fantasy. I wanted to make mine somewhat original, so I decided the protagonists would by Canadian Christians fighting against an oppressive American government. The character names are actually taken from the names I want to give my children in the future (not last names of course), and it is told from a dual perspective of the two twins, representing different ideas that I hold true for myself, or conflicting ideas, so having twin brothers narrate it based on a lot of my own beliefs is sort of interesting, and allows for a lot more depth in the story telling. This is a planned two book series. If you’d like to know more about this one, just ask.

Paris in the Dead of Night- I started writing this after reading The Picture of Dorian Gray as a school assignment. I loved how Dorian Gray was so focused on personal growth and relationships with a dash of magic, that I wanted to write my own. I based the four main characters off of myself, and three friends. It is a one book story of four college students going on an exchange program from Miami to Paris for a semester. When they arrive, people are reported dead and missing, and the four students are the primary suspects. It is a magical realism sort of thing, and also mystery novel in a way, emphasizing personal friendships and character growth above all else. It’s told from a third person limited perspective, meaning that I don’t go into anybody’s thoughts, their personalities are developed through their actions and speech, with the occasional “this person noticed”, but it won’t follow one character above any other. If you’d like more information about this, hit me up some time.

Thieves- This story is a one book novel (probably) that was inspired by my English teacher, Mr. Clarke. We were learning about something, I believe it was economics and the different types of money and how something like 70% of money doesn’t exist, but we believe it does. Anyway, he said that an economy can’t function without money, and so I was inspired to write a novel about an America that exists where money is officially valueless. It takes place in my home town and the neighboring areas, and the main idea is that now in order to survive you have to “steal” everything. In order to acquire stuff, you have to find and/or take it. Things like internet and television sort of exist, because my belief is that some people would still want to watch tv and use the internet, and there are some people who will continue to operate those things without payment simply to be nice and/or to reap the benefits of it themselves, like they can’t live without tv, so they produce it themselves. I haven’t written much of it, but it will follow a clan of people ranging from about ten to probably mid fifties in age, trying to survive in a world without money. If you want to know more about this one, let me know.

The Lottery- I know this is already a short story/play, but again, temporary title. This is a play that I had intended to write for a playwright contest, but because I started so late, I decided to not turn it in and revise it/finish it for next year. It’s the story of a man who wins the lottery and attracts the interest of a french fashion stylist sort of person, who is only interested in him for his money. The man has a wife and an autistic daughter and is struggling to get by on the rent, so the lottery is a blessing. However, the money goes to his head and he has an affair with the french woman. I will ruin the ending for this one, so if you don’t want to know, stop reading here and move on to the next paragraph. His wife leaves him because he was unfaithful, and a bad investment loses all his money, so the french woman leaves him. All alone, he ends up committing suicide. It is a one act play with only four characters, but the daughter has very few, if any, lines.

Those are all the things I have written or started writing, and I also have a story idea for a sci-fi book about space age, humanoid lizards. I don’t have a plot worked out, and people have told me that that is a weird thing, so it may never see the light of day. I have also written two songs. One was for a friend’s story, and it is a love song for I think it was a werewolf and a human. The other one was for me ranting to myself about a relationship that wasn’t good for me, but used to be good, and how I want it back. I also write numerous poems. Some are nice and happy, others are fairly dark, so if you want to read any of those, let me know and I can post them or email or say them to you, or whatever it is. I also want to write another dystopian society novel because, while I really enjoy The Harrows, it’s sort of a half dystopian novel, so I want to write a full out dystopian one with different characters and such for a different purpose. I’m sure I’ll have many more ideas about what to write in the future, but that’s all I really have “write” now (haha, haha, …..).

So that’s everything, aside from my blogs and essays of course. If you’d like to read and give feedback to me on any of these, or just read what I have for fun, let me know and I’ll gladly oblige. Until next time!


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