Everyone has their little quirks and little weird habits, so today I am going to share a number of mine, any that I can think of, and I would bet that there are more besides the ones I name. But without further ado, here they are.

  1. My eyes change color between green, hazel, and brown, with the most frequent color being green or hazel.
  2. I was born with a dark brown spot in my lower right iris that is visible no matter what color my eyes already are. Funny story about that, my grandma almost rushed me to a hospital because she said my eye was red and she thought it was bleeding. Nope, just my birthmark.
  3. Most fowl birds scare me, the worst one being the turkey. The same grandma told me about wild turkeys living in her neighborhood in San Jose, and since then I’d had a fear of turkeys flying into my face. That and I saw a Thanksgiving special about turkey farms, and these 26lb turkeys were the size of a large dog, their heads surrounded by their bodies, and they were being petted by the farmers. That made the fear even worse.
  4. I have a small, irrational fear of strawberries with long stems. I don’t know why, they just creep me out.
  5. I have a fear of deep water, as in oceans and lakes and seas and such where I could be stranded without seeing the bottom.
  6. I get dizzy very easy. My theory is that that is the result of spinning too much as a younger child.
  7. I am a writer, and currently have four different novels and a play in the works right now. They range from fantasy, to sci-fi, to magical realism, to dystopian society, and to plain realism.
  8. When I was younger, I dreamt I was eaten by the Grinch.
  9. One my left hand, I have a hitchhikers thumb, and I can dislocate my right thumb.
  10. On a vacation to Grand Caiman in the Caribbean when I was about four, I held a baby sea turtle.
  11. When I was younger I LOVED unicorns. In computer class where we got to paint pictures, I always went to U for unicorn, I have a large stuffed unicorn in my room named Markie, I have a small unicorn statue on my dresser, and a wooden carved unicorn that was given to me by my dad that he got while in Mexico.
  12. One of my favorite smells in the whole world is memory foam. This includes pillows, Tempurpedic beds, anything memory foam smells divine.
  13. From my childhood dinosaur obsession, I can still name dozens of dinosaurs.
  14. I almost always sneeze in patterns of two, rarely less and never more.
  15. I have some small OCD tendencies, like straight pictures, I always align papers and pencils and anything else I’m working with with something else, paper is never allowed to have the goobers (frilly things) on the sides, I make sure I have the same number of steps in every sidewalk square, if I’m twiddling my fingers, each finger has to be “twiddled” the same number of times, and other such behavior.
  16. I used to ring my stuffed animals around my bed in the top bunk like an arena so I could spend equal time with them all, and I would also make them fight each other.
  17. For a guy, I consider myself oddly flexible in certain ways.
  18. I can fold my tongue, curl my tongue, and make my tongue into a three leaf clover, but not flip it.
  19. I can wiggle my ears.
  20. I chipped my tooth when I was seven or eight, and now I have it repaired so nobody knows or remembers it was ever chipped, except me.

That’s all I can think of for now. Sound off in the comments what some of your odd features are, or ask me a question, or something. I thought in light of all the serious stuff I’ve posted, it might be fun to share some fun personal stuff. Happy late Easter, thanks for reading and God Bless!


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