What Makes You (And Everything) Beautiful

Before I start, I’d like to thank all the feedback and support from everyone, whether its other bloggers or friends or whatever, thank you for everything and allowing me to do what I enjoy.

Now I had a talk with a friend last night, and one of the subjects we talked about was beauty, not necessarily in people, but just beauty in general, nature in particular. So that inspired me to write this, talking about all different kinds of beauty, including in people. So here it goes.

If you couldn’t tell from the title, I actually do like One Direction. And that kind of brings me to the aspect of physical beauty, or being good looking. To me, this is the least important kind of beauty, but it doesn’t count for nothing. Everything we have is a gift from God, and for that reason, beauty can be admired. To clarify, I am talking about beauty, not sexiness exactly. So one that comes to mind in modern times would be Kate Upton, or Marilyn Monroe who are two pretty women, but in sexy kind of ways. Now I don’t necessarily say its a bad thing to be sexy, it depends on how you use that. If you’re using it to get the attention of a man, or a woman because the same applies to men, then I think that is shallow and leads to temptation which is something that ought to be avoided for all people. Beauty on the other hand can be found physically set apart from sexiness. Some examples I think of would be Carrie Underwood, Adele, and Taylor Swift, who are all very beautiful women, and yet none of them dress provocatively, and for those who will think or say that they wear short shorts, I also believe that they don’t do it for the sexuality. I can’t speak for Taylor or Adele, but Carrie is happily married under God, and the reason she would wear those shorter shorts is for style, availability, and comfort, not to tempt men or I suppose lesbian women. Physical beauty should be admired, we are all the workmanship of God, however if that admiration turns into temptation, it takes a dangerous turn. I know all of these examples are women, but the same goes for men. I can think of people like Channing Tatum, Hugh Jackman, and the other super heroes like Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans, who are all considered very attractive men. Just because they are attractive, doesn’t mean they should use it to tempt people, they should use it for themselves and not take advantage of it in a seductive way. So anyway, physical beauty should be admired and it should be known that God gave them the gift of beauty, but if it takes a turn south and leads to seductive behavior, that’s where it crosses the line. It is the least important kind of beauty.

Inner beauty is, although very cliche, the most important thing, or it ought to be. I know inner beauty is valued less and less by people nowadays, and that’s not the way it should be. Personally, I’d rather marry a woman who was averagely attractive and perfect for me than a super model without a personality that meshes with me. Inner beauty consists of a hundred different things: kindness, caring, generosity, integrity, honesty, compassion, understanding, humor, intelligence, grace, mercy, and things of that nature that you can’t cover up with looks. Notice how these are all qualities that Christ exhibited, with the possible exception of humor. In comparison to physical beauty, which satisfies the primal part of the brain that people are instinctively drawn to, inner beauty is something more uniquely human, because we are not animals like other animals are. Animals mate with the strongest male in order to keep the species alive. Humans however don’t have that same problem anymore. We mate for love, comfort, and happiness, not to ensure the survival of the human race. For that reason, inner beauty is more important. It is very hard to love someone romantically if you don’t share personalities that work well together. All people have inner beauty in some form or another, something that physical beauty does not have. Not everyone is physically attractive, but everyone is attractive on the inside in some ways, and that should be the focus of people, but Satan is crafty and will try to tap into the mind, telling you physical beauty is more important. It’s not. Inner beauty is what will make you feel better than anything else in the world, and it is what will allow you to share it with someone else. That also brings up the topic of sex, and I don’t care how attractive the other person is, having sex with them may be satisfying physically, but it will shred the soul over time. This is essentially adultery as described in the Bible. It’s not only cheating on a spouse, it’s sexual impurity and the world now is so sexually impure that it will tell you that it’s ok to sleep with as many people as you want, regardless of whether you’re a man or woman. Sexual impurity applies to both sexes, and it does include sleeping with people just for the sake of sleeping with them. You shouldn’t have sex with someone until you’re married, and you’ve committed your life to them in the name of Christ. I myself, as a result of sin in the world, also fall into this trap, don’t consider this as me saying I’m perfect in this area of life because I’m not, and nobody is. We all fall subject to temptation, and we should resist it. When we mess up, we will be forgiven if you ask for it from Christ with all your heart, and truly repent. But I’ve met some wonderful people with so much inner beauty that you can’t help but fall in love with them. And just to clarify this, English is stupid in that it has one word for love of all sorts, but in greek, there are four different words for love, and when I say fall in love with them it doesn’t mean a romantic kind of love. But I love people for their inner beauty, and so does God. He isn’t so shallow as to judge on appearances, and neither should we. We are all beautiful in the eyes of God for our personality and individuality and uniqueness, so that is what I try to adhere to.

The last kind of beauty I will talk about, and also one of the most magnificent kinds of beauty, is the beauty of the natural world. This is where I align myself with transcendentalists, that the natural world is stunningly beautiful. It too is the work of God, created originally for us to inhabit, and we are truly blessed that he made it so magnificent for us. Growing up and living in Colorado, I have access to some of the most gorgeous scenery in the entire world. The world is full of beautiful things in nature. Even some of the most desolate places on earth, regarded as ugly, are beautiful. Having taken a road trip through southern Utah, Nevada, and Arizona and California, I’ve seen some “ugly” places. There was a stretch in Utah where there was a sign that read, “No outlet for 110 miles”. All I could say was, “DANG!!” There wasn’t a store, a house, a gas station, or anything for literally 110 miles in Utah. The scenery of all three of those states and some of California during the day can be described in just a few words. Cactus, shrubs, dirt, red, brown, dry, canyons, and big rocks/mountains. That sums up most of the scenery there. But you know what, it was made by God, and it is unique and can’t be seen anywhere else in the world. Also, I can only think of how amazing it would be at night. Desert nights I can only dream of. No lights, no traffic noises, just you, nature, and the stars. And it would be amazing. Another facet of nature that makes me just melt is sunrise and sunset. Watching the sunrise and sunset is one of the most incredible things anyone can witness in their lives. I can’t even describe the majesty of it, if you haven’t done it at least once, you are missing out on one of life’s greatest joys. The new glade scented plug ins commercial captures the feelings very well, the one where it says something like “You aren’t told to look at the roses, or touch the roses, or taste the roses, you’re told to smell the roses”.  I know that’s smell, but smell only contributes to it. Like in my rain post, smell can only make you love nature more (in most cases). I honestly never feel happier, more joy, than when I stop everything and enjoy God’s gift to us all: nature. The only thing that could possibly make it better, is having other people to share it with. I don’t usually spend that time with other people, though I wish I could. When I do though, it’s truly a magical experience that I wish I could experience all the time. Nature is one of God’s greatest gifts in my opinions, and all I wish to convey with this paragraph is that everyone should value it like I do, I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with it.


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