Double Standards: Black and White

Most days in school, I go to my weights class and almost every day, the same song plays. That song is Rap God by Eminem. Now this made me think because I don’t know if its from where I live, or media, but there may not be a ton of racism per se, but if the title didn’t give it away, there are a ton of double standards that I became aware of. So this one is going to be between black people and white people. And just a disclaimer, this doesn’t reflect my own opinions, just things I have heard from the world.

Eminem is a white rapper, one of only a few that are famous to my knowledge, the other two being Pitbull and Vanilla Ice. Call me uncultured, but I’m a pop/country/Christian rock kind of person, though I don’t dislike rock either. Outside of that, there’s not much else that I like. Anyway, from what I’ve heard people say, white people shouldn’t rap. I hear this all over the place, because apparently since rap evolved from traditional African music over many years, and there aren’t many white people in Africa, that rap is somehow exclusive to black people. Now the double standard. A black person delving into white culture is brave, not afraid of being taunted, and celebrated a lot because of it. However when a white person does something black, it’s somehow a degrading thing. First of all, it shouldn’t be degrading! Mixing of culture should be celebrated, not exclusive. We have a lot of black celebrities who’ve taken on more western, “white” ideas. Some that come to mind are Oprah, Queen Latiffah, Barack Obama, etc. who are making good money and good publicity in a country where white people are the majority. Eminem is an exception to this, since he is regarded as one of the best rappers around by a lot, though I don’t listen to him a lot. It may sound stereotypical, but rap was popularized by black people, and I consider it a part of black culture. Again back to that double standard, most white people are shunned from “black” music, but black people are welcomed into “white” music.

Another double standard I see a lot is sports. I am not aware of any evidence supporting one or the other, but at least from what I’ve learned about the world, most people regard black people as physically more gifted than white people. Basketball players, football players, bodybuilders, sprinters, most sports where energy is expended quickly and powerfully, but not all that often. Watching the Super Bowl a month or so ago, I noticed how many black players there were and how few white ones there were. Maybe I wasn’t watching all that closely, but most of the time, the player spotlights were on black players. For basketball, apparently black people grow taller more often than white people. I don’t think it’s on purpose, but a lot of basketball players are black! I’ve also heard people talk about black people being bigger in many different physical aspects. Apparently black men have bigger muscles, are taller, more well endowed, etc. Black women have larger breasts, butts, hair, etc. This may sound horribly racist to some, but I assure you its not, but a lot of people talk about black people having large lips. I don’t care either which way about lip size, it seems like such a stupid thing to worry over. Before I go off on another tangent, it’s annoying to not consider people as individuals. If a white person is bigger in any aspect, the first thought shouldn’t be “But you’re white” and vice versa. If a black person is smaller, the thought shouldn’t be “But you’re black”. People should decide whether someone is good at sports because they’re good at sports, not because they are black or white. It doesn’t go only into black people though. Black people are tough and independent supposedly. Black people can’t play wimpy sports like polo, or golf, or tennis. Well someone better go tell Tiger Woods and the Williams sisters to stop dominating their sports. Athletic ability should trump skin color, and individuality should trump gender stereotypes.

There are countless more areas that I can touch on briefly. Black people can say the n word freely, it’s cool. White people on the other hand are racist haters if they utter that word. Well, I’m not saying white people should be allowed to, I think it should stop as a whole. That’s probably unlikely, but I can hope and do my part by not saying it. Twerking is the same deal. Because all black women have big booties *sarcasm*, they are better twerkers and since white girls all have petite booties (thanks Miley), they shouldn’t do it either. Well, again, twerking should stop all together. Thugs, traditionally conceived of as black, treat white people differently, even though they’re all thugs! Thugs shouldn’t be a thing, but poverty in inner cities results in that being the case. This has numerous different factors, and don’t think I’m ignoring some intentionally, but there are so many that to do all of them justice would take a blog too long to write in one sitting, and too long to read in one sitting.

Mill this over, like, comment, follow. I’m wondering how many racist comments or thoughts I’ll get as a result of posting this, but I assure you, I am not racist. I treat everyone the same whether they be black, white, hispanic, purple, big, small, atheist, whatever. 


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