Come Rain on my Parade

Looking out the window tonight, I was pleasantly surprised to see the streets glimmering and the streetlights glimmering on the water. It was raining and so today, why I love the rain.

First, I love the smell. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t at least love the smell of rain. I can’t really describe it, since it’s basically just the smell of rain. It’s fresh and lively, and for me, just makes me happy.

Another reason I love the rain is because of what it brings. Literally, it makes the air more humid and living in Colorado where its so dry, having a little more humidity feels great. It also turns the grass green and the trees grow their leaves and flowers and everything gets nourished. It also usually signals the approach of spring, my favorite season. 

Rain also leaves two great options on how to enjoy it. One is that you can stay inside and curl up under a blanket listening to it while also smelling it through the window and doors. It’s family time, it’s movie time, its cozy time. The other option is to go outside and enjoy it. Whether you want to go out in regular clothes and enjoy getting soaked, which is so much fun I can’t even describe it, or you can dress warmly and it’s kind of like being cozy in your house, but you’re more involved in it, and it really brings focus to how beautiful God intended the world to be. I don’t care either which way, I just love being in the rain.

Rain is also great for the summer time because when it’s consistently not going below 60 degrees at night, sometimes hovering as hot as 70-80 at night, rain cools it down! Summers in Colorado are hot, regularly being in the 90s. Now it’s not like Arizona desert hot, but dang, it’s still hot. The rain provides a needed break from the heat and it feels great to have a nice 50 degree night.

Rain also has more symbolic purposes, like a lot of times in movies and books, rain is used to signify purification. It washes away blood, or sadness, or mud, or anything. Its a sort of rebirth and its freeing. It’s also used to signify romance. Now I’m not 100% sure where it came from, but apparently kissing and dancing in the rain is passionate and romantic. My guess would be the ignoring of the cold rain in order to show your love to someone, or when its cold the need to huddle close, but again, I’m not 100% certain. Either way, even if its not romantic, rain can stand for love. Rain can also be scary for some people, and while it usually brings thunder and lightning, it also brings this sort of love from children running to their parents. Or you can just sit back and listen to the thunder and watch the lightning and witness firsthand God’s majesty. It’s incredible.

That’s all I really have for rain. Comment, like, follow, anything.


One thought on “Come Rain on my Parade

  1. The smell of rain is described by Vsauce as Petrichor.

    He goes more in depth with this idea at 5:12

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