Facebook Photos

I thought about this one while looking through some photos of myself on Facebook, and some friends’ photos. There are a lot of weird things about Facebook in general, but one of the oddest to me, is the Facebook photos.

First off, the likes. It doesn’t matter how good the photo is, it’s all about who posts it. Granted, better photos usually get more likes, but if someone were to post a great photo of themselves, but weren’t all that popular, then they’d not get many. However the “sluts” of Facebook who take profile pictures at least twice a week, often times featuring cleavage, and often times in bathrooms of all places, seem to get the most likes, despite being unflattering (or overly flattering), and I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t really want to see it! I’d rather see a picture taken by a professional, a nature picture, or one that makes one look genuinely good.

Two, the photo stalkers. I admit, I love to do this. Call me crazy, but if someone has uploaded pictures, and I’m friends with them I’m probably gonna look at them. “Ew, Facebook stalker!” “I posted that two years ago!” “Why are you looking through MY photos?” Well forgive me, you put them ON THE INTERNET! We are friends according to Facebook, and you made them public, why are you so surprised that people look at your photos?! Personally, looking through Facebook photos makes me a little nostalgic, whether they’re mine or somebody else’s. Looking back at myself from when I was in the eighth grade or a freshman in high school brings back that “Oh, those were the days” feelings, and I’m only 16. But nostalgia is a wonderful emotion in my opinion, while also giving a little heartache, I feel nostalgic all the time, and I love it. It’s also cool looking at friends’ lives before I met them, or before I joined Facebook, and seeing what they’ve been up to since the last time I saw them. I don’t care if people call me creepy for it, looking through photos is a fun and interesting hobby of mine.

Finally, the shares/tags of photos, or photos involving you in some way that you don’t own specifically. Most of the tagged ones are of you doing something stupid with friends, making weird faces, etc. or family photos where you look nice and smile and all that stuff. Plus the ones where someone tags you in a comment because of an inside joke. Those are fun. The shares are also weird because they take other people’s creativity and you basically say, “I agree with this, who else does?” Or there are the “So and so has done something wrong. Share so they can be caught.” These are just little glimpses into people’s personalities, because people generally only share stuff they find interesting, agreeable, or very unagreeable. 

Overall, Facebook photos are great when used well. Some of my photos are just awful, but I put them up and whether they got a hundred likes or no likes, they’re still a part of my life, and that’s what Facebook is about: keeping tabs on people and their lives who you haven’t seen in a long time, or just interacting with people in another way. It’s like a digital photo album, and I will continue to reminisce by looking at them, sharing them, and tagging others.


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