Valentine’s Day

Well Valentine’s Day was yesterday, and being in high school, I got to experience the full range of feeling about Valentine’s Day, or as most people around me call it, Single Awareness Day. Today I am going to talk about what Valentine’s Day is supposed to mean, what it means to me, and what it means to a lot of other people.

First, what Valentine’s Day is supposed to mean in my opinion. Valentine’s Day is, as most people probably already know, supposed to be celebrating the romantic love between two people. I’ll even go as far to say as between man and woman, originating in early Christian history. Romantic love also means not between family members, friends, etc. This means deep love shared between only two people, the other person being someone you can’t live without and intend to marry some day. It isn’t supposed to be Single Awareness Day, it’s about celebrating true love. This doesn’t exactly mean you can’t send your friends and family a nice card, or flowers, or do something nice for them. But that shouldn’t be limited to Valentine’s Day, it should be an everyday thing.

Next, what Valentine’s Day means to me. Granted, I did call it Single Awareness Day to many people, though only as a joke. I have never had a real valentine, and that’s alright by me. If I were to celebrate Valentine’s Day for what it really is meant to be celebrated for, I’d have to be much older, wiser, and wanting to marry a woman. At this point in my life, any relationship I have is not likely to end in marriage, and therefore, I’m fine not celebrating it. I wished people Happy Valentine’s Day because it’s polite and I truly would like people to have a nice day, hopefully with their Valentine if they actually have one, since I don’t know if they do or not. Regardless, Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean much to me yet, but hopefully in the future I will have someone to pout my heart and love into like you are supposed to do on Valentine’s Day.

Now what most people do. Walking around high school, what I generally hear is, “I don’t have a valentine, and everyone that does makes me sick.” Well, that’s not really in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, or in the spirit of any day! You can at least be happy for those who have someone to call their valentine. Ironically though, most of those people with their “valentine” are celebrating it under false pretenses. I’m not doubting whether the love is there, I’m doubting whether the willingness to marry later in life is a reasonable path for them to take, since most high school romances feel like true love, but end up not making it. So actually, I guess I am doubting most high school sweethearts’ love. It probably won’t go anywhere outside of high school, and shouldn’t be celebrated by people as much. Again, it doesn’t mean you can’t do something nice for them to show you care, but celebrating it as Valentine’s Day is supposed to be, isn’t something that should be done. Not puppy love, but real love. God asks us to share love every day, which is what we should be doing. But Valentine’s Day is meant to show more love than any other day to the one person who makes you happier than anyone else, the one person you share true love with. 

On another note, connected to how most people celebrate it, the commercialization takes away a lot of what makes Valentine’s Day special. Cards without anything written on them by the person who sent it to you is cold and unloving to me, like an obligation and just something you’re supposed to do. I’m not against the cards, since some people have a way with words, but write something of your own in them explaining this is how you really feel and you do really love them, not leave it empty and cross off “Get them a card” off your checklist. The same goes for flowers and chocolates. Get them for your valentine not because you are expected to, but because you love them and you want to out of the pureness and love in your heart! The same goes also for balloons, decorations, teddy bears, cupids, etc. Today it seems that if you don’t do all of this, or at least some of it, you don’t really love the person. That’s far from true. You can love your spouse more than anything in the world and not do any of this, and still it will mean more than someone who does all of this but has no true love to back it up.

I do say this all in a worldly perspective of course, since in my own opinion, Jesus is the only one deserving of receiving true love. But under the worldly context, Valentine’s Day is meant to be celebrated as true love on earth, under Jesus’s blessing.

That’s it for today, I’ll try to write one later this week. Like, comment, share, follow the blog, and I’ll talk to you all later. Happy late Valentine’s Day!


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