Little Siblings

For those of you who don’t have little siblings, I envy you. Now that doesn’t mean I hate my siblings (all the time), but it does mean sometimes I wish they would go away for a little while. For me, I’ve always been a more of a loner. I value time alone without other people, so long as I know that they aren’t far away. Before I dive in, I’ll provide a little background about my siblings.

Mackenzi (13)- I bickered with her as a smaller child, but what siblings don’t bicker? Well, as we got older, we both became more independent and she got harder and harder to deal with. Now she is 13 and I am just lost with her sometimes. I can manage to get along with her just fine most of the time, but whenever one of us gets in a bad mood, you can bet we’ll put the other one in a bad mood too.

Tucker (10)- This person I really can’t stand at all. I don’t know what happened to him, but it all started when my dad forced me and my step-nephew to play video games with him. He had never played them before and suddenly he wanted to play them. Well that didn’t go over well and now he is just addicted to them. He doesn’t seem to live for anything but the computer games. He has also adopted a horrible, sarcastic, rude attitude that makes me want to strangle him sometimes. Every time I come close to snapping, he runs away and hides, after taunting me and talking smack, but he knows who has more power. He lives to annoy me, and I don’t even consider him my brother by anything more than genetics. I don’t care either, I’m not interested in resolving my relationship with him. As soon as I’m off to college, bye bye Tucker!

Ok, so now the relationship I have with my siblings is established. If you couldn’t already tell, the relationship I share with my siblings sucks and is highly volatile. I have had moments in my life where I wanted to run away, to hit them, it’s not easy. But the purpose of this blog is why little siblings are hard to deal with.

1. Parents almost always take their side. I think this is self explanatory, but because I’m the older sibling, its apparently my job to teach them how to succeed. Whenever there is a fight, it’s always my fault because I’m expected to be the bigger person, whether I’m right or wrong.

2. They are plain annoying. I have my own life, my own friends, my own personality, and they come around and pester me whenever they feel like it. Apparently they want to be like me, but I don’t care. I want to be left alone. I have always had the mentality that I’d rather be the younger sibling than the older. I get along much better with people around my age and people older than me. I have a lot more in common, and they are usually mature enough to not be so annoying. They hurt their own cause by pestering me.

3. They get pampered by my parents. Both of my parents were younger siblings, and my mom was seventh of ten children, so she has a little experience with being the oldest, but not a whole lot. They sympathize and empathize with the other two more than they do me.

4. They aren’t the same as me. I have different interests, and they don’t show interest in something until I do, so when they do show interest in something I like, it’s usually not because they like it, but because they think it will make me like them more.

Maybe there are more, but these are the general ones I could think of. I am sick of being the oldest, I love being the youngest and talking to people older than me. I can’t stand being forced to interact with someone I just don’t mesh well with. I want to let go of my brother and not have my parents tell me “Someday he’s all you’ll have”. Well no, I’ll have a wife, kids, friends, coworkers, etc. I don’t really need him, I will be just fine without him. I never bonded with him, and I don’t  really care to bother trying now. Things are way too far gone. I believe God placed them in my life not to have a great relationship with, but so that I could grow from the struggles I’ve had with them and help other people and myself as a result from that.

Sound off some issues you have with your younger siblings, ask me some questions, anything you’d like.


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