‘Merica Monday: FCHS Spirit Day

As a student attending FCHS, or Fort Collins High School, I have heard many things directly from the principal and other students, not through newspapers and Fox news which gave a terrible report for those who saw it. The controversy has garnered national media coverage, in which the school administration was accused of being anti-American by declining the suggested school spirit day: ‘Merica Monday. The idea behind ‘Merica Monday was to celebrate America. The school administration denied this, saying initially that ‘Merica Monday isolates many students from the school. As a spirit day encouraging love and acceptance, the idea of celebrating America turned off the school board. A compromise was made and My Country Monday was proposed, again to be declined. After getting outrageous opposition, the administration allowed My Country Monday and eventually gave a statement about ‘Merica Monday. It was revealed that ‘Merica Monday carries bad connotations and the school did not want to support ‘Merica, but rather support America. America Monday has since been approved, with the one A and the lack of an apostrophe making all the difference.

Now that the facts are done, my opinion. I found it outrageous that the school would deny ‘Merica Monday without just suggesting America Monday from the start. The whole incident could have been avoided if students or administration had just suggested it from the start. The statement about foreigners feeling excluded is just absurd to me. The foreigners came to America for a reason. The exchange students, to my knowledge, elected to come here. Students who moved here from another country likely moved here for a parent’s job, opportunity, adventure, etc. The idea that these foreigners wouldn’t want to celebrate America is just odd. America isn’t perfect, it is very far from that, and I can touch on that in another blog. However, America is still very wealthy and powerful with lots of opportunity. For some people, myself knowing personally an exchange student from Armenia and Ghana, and knowing of others from Italy and the Czech Republic, they enjoy it here. They came here looking to experience American culture. The idea that a day celebrating America might offend them shocks me. Besides, there is nothing the school can do that will make every single person in the school happy, no matter how hard they try. Even cancelling school for a day or eliminating homework will make somebody, especially teachers, upset. A majority of students in America are American! Everyone who isn’t American is here in America for a reason. These foreigners are largely not refugees, which means that they voluntarily came here, and if they are refugees, their homeland is not safe enough for them and they should be grateful to be out of the country. Nobody should be offended, and participation in spirit days is optional for all students. The odds that every American student dresses up for America Monday are next to nothing, these foreigners won’t be alone. They may be in the minority, but being foreigners they already are. I don’t say this critically, they are widely accepted by American students. I have befriended the Armenian student and treat her just as I would anyone else, except for teasing about her accent, but I do the same to southerners, who are American.

Overall, people created more of a mess than needed to be made. There was no reason for us to make national news, it all could have been avoided. I will answer any questions people may have, so I’ll see you all on my next blog. Sound off in the comments letting me know what you’d like to see.


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